No device was found

I am having an issue setting up my pop. I have not received any instructions with it but I did watch YouTube videos and I have also downloaded all the manuals from the website. I then downloaded the software. I did have to override my computer settings to allow this as it is not approved by apple it seems. But when I connect the Pop to my thunder port and open handy scan it keeps giving the message that no device was found, please plug in. So I do not know what issue might be causing this.

This is similar to what I get with my PC laptop. Disconnect the POP and re-connect it to see what happens.

You might have to exit and re-start Handy Scan in between disconnecting and re-connecting the POP, but see if if that’s necessary.

Hello Jeff
Thanks for taking the time to write. Did as you suggested multiple times, with little success. My scanner is showing a green light which suggests it is fine and that this is a software issue.
Hopefully an answer will present soon.

Hello, Hugh:

Sorry your bug isn’t the same as mine on a PC. Another thing to check is the security access. The POP is considered to be a camera, and there have been incidents where people’s cameras have been hacked for an invasion of privacy, so protections have been instituted. I am unfamiliar with Apple products, so I don’t know where to guide you on this; I am hoping that one of the other forum members will be inspired by my comment and give you the information you need.

Hi @hugh @JeffLindstrom

At this period, the macOS version only supports Wi-Fi mode. The USB mode is under development.

Here is the steps for your reference: [New Release] The Beta Mac Version of Handy Scan - 20210604 - #13 by Revopoint3d

Best Regards