No apparent Wi-Fi on POP

The WIFI from the POP does not show up on either an iPhone or a Android phone. The instructions in the manual are sparse but even with the latest PC software that allows the WIFI to be set to a different name and password, no POP in the list of available networks.
The manual makes mention of 'Set a personal hotspot on your smartphone but hotspots are for a different purpose on both my phones. The screen shown in the manual doesn’t match either an iPhone or an Android phone.

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and there you have to set “POP” as name and “123456” as password.
After activating this hotspot and powering on your scanner, it will find your hotspot and connect automatically after few seconds. in the app you have to activate “wifi” to do so, and yes that was confusing for me, too, as using hotspot/therhering isn’t sometjing I used before.

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POP doesn’t broadcast a WiFi hotspot, it connects to the hotspot you have to activate on your phone (as described in the instructions). So, it’s the other way around than how you tried…

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No joy!
Several problems arise.

  1. HandyScan does not show up in the Apps list under Settings on the iPhone as do ALL the other Apps.
  2. The iPhone hotspot does not allow a change in the WIFI name so iPhone is it. I’ve consulted the Apple information on this. Fortunately, the latest version of HandyScan for the PC does allow a name and password change so I did change the WIFI settings on the POP to iPhone and a new password while connected to my Win10 Laptop. Using the default POP password, 12345678 on the Hotspot and announcing it leaves an iPhone open to hackers.
    Still, the POP is not detected by the iPhone when powered by the laptop or powered by an external USB charger that keeps the green light bright on the POP…

I wonder if there is a good engineering reason why POP uses WIFI instead of Bluetooth. By using Bluetooth all of the tablets we have could be used with their larger screens and larger memories.


Bluetooth is too slow. From what I understand, the top rate for Bluetooth 5 is only 2Mbps versus any revision of WiFi. Even the original 802.11b topped out at 11Mbps.

Additionally, many computers don’t have bluetooth built in, whereas virtually every net connected device does have some form of wifi built in. The few that don’t, are usually so slow that they wouldn’t work anyways.