[New Release] The Beta Mac Version of Handy Scan - 20210604

Hi @Dave_McCaig

Our developers are keep working on the USB support on macOS, but it still needs time. We’re so sorry.

Please give us some more time, we will try our best.

Besides, for the macOS update, we will release it soon.

Best regards

I also get the frame data error since today. Doesn’t matter if I use Mac or Windows. Even on the iphone I don’t get the under camera.

It worked for 1 minute today, then the under picture was frozen and since this moment, no more data from this camera. Is the device broken now?

All in all, I tried to avoid using the device until the release of new software. All softwares buggy and with instable connection. Windows, Mac and iPhone… Today I wanted to use it, after 2hrs of playing around and no image of the under camera I will spend my time with other things now :slight_smile:


I hope the warranty is extended for all mac users for being neglected. We were promised this to work on Mac and IOS and been consistently told “Give us more time.” I think you need to hire better developers and a real UI/UX designer. This product is simply garbage for us.

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Hi @GeorgS

Could you please redo the connection steps, and click “About” to report bugs? Then our developer will receive the log and analyze it. Thank you.

Btw, the update Mac version is released just now, you can download it here: [Update on 20210805] The update Mac version of Handy Scan - V2.8.4.0803

Best Regards

Hi @WilliamB

Sorry for making you disappointed. I can understand your feeling.

For the iOS version, we had released the software and keeping it updated, and you can check the tutorial: [Tutorials] How to use Handy Scan with Wi-Fi Mode on your iPhone?.

For the Mac version, we just posted the updated version: [Update on 20210805] The update Mac version of Handy Scan - V2.8.4.0803.

For the USB mode, our developers are working on it. We will post it once it is available.

For your suggestion about extending the warranty for Mac users, we don’t have this policy at this period. But we will consider it seriously.

Best Regards

Hi Cassie,

I appreciate that your team is trying to get the USB support into the Mac version. That’s great news. But it’s OLD news! I have to agree with WilliamB that you need to extend warranty to Mac users. I for one have not been able to use my POP scanner. It is sitting in my closet collecting dust! I’m sure you have heard this before, but this is unacceptable.
Note: I did try WilliamB’s suggestion “Loopback” and got it working temporarily. But my operating system got buggy after that and I upgraded my OS to Big Sur which got my OS working more stable again. I don’t want to try the “Loopback” fix again. Just very patiently waiting for your Handy Scan fix.

Best Regards,

Hi Peter,

I can totally understand.

I will push my boss again about this issue. We try to make a final decision as soon as possible.

Best Regards

I have tried the latest software from AppStore in two Macs. The one with Big Sur (11.4) hangs when I try to scan anything.The other with Catalina (11.15.7) does work, but while scanning it is very bogus: sometimes is responsive, and then it is not. In this situation is very difficult to make any decent scan.

I just purchased my scanner with great anticipation using my ProMac and new iPadPro. Unsuccessful even after trying the various go around mentioned prior, I had it working for all of 2 seconds. I know you are working on a remedy for this problem but why do you advertise that it’s mac compatible when it isn’t. Why don’t you state a mac version coming soon instead of so many people wasting good money on such a crappy product. It’s only as good as your software. I guess mac users have to go out and buy a window’s laptop to run your false advertised product. I just don’t get it, you take our money and then tell us to wait until you get around to it. A bunch of BS.

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Hi @geagle007

You can use the Mac version with Wi-Fi mode at this period, and actually, our developers are updating the software; you can download the newest version from the App store now.

Could you please send us a video to show your connection steps and problem? We will check it and confirm what’s the problem. You can send it to support@revopoint3d.com, and CC forum@revopoint3d.com.

Best Regards

I haven’t personally found the wifi mode to be functional. It’s far too slow to keep up with the demands of scanning. Perhaps it’s because I live in a condo with a dozen other wireless networks nearby, but wifi is a no go.

We need proper USB support and really, USB support should have been a requirement for the release as the hardware just does not function without it. I was having at least some luck with running WIndows under parallels, but the wifi is completely worthless at this stage.

Hi @thomasl

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

For the USB mode, our product team is trying their best on it now. But Apple is different, so it’s not so easy. We will post it in the forum once it is available. Thank you for your understanding.

Best Regards

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Another month has gone by and this product is still junk / can not use. Can I receive a refund?

I get that, I just don’t understand what the point is of having WiFi mode when it’s not anywhere near fast enough to keep up with the scanner.

It’s a bit problematic to be charged for fast shipping, not get the speed up and then have to wait months for the device to even work.

I’m so frustrated. I wish you guys would just outsource to a 3rd party software engineer with some experience at this. There is no way that it takes 6 months or whatever to write this kind of code. The great hardware is useless without working software.

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Hi William, sorry for the inconvenience.
Please email at customer@revopoint3d.com
We will solve the problem for you asap.

@Revopoint3D-Gena I already did. They were no help and simply responded with “try harder.” I was promised this to work with Mac/iphone and the reason I backed it, and its been a complete joke. Its insulting how your company markets this as “engineered brilliance, ultimate portability” when it is far from either of these claims.

I have to agree, I can technically connect via WiFi, but it’s a huge pain and the result isn’t at all usable. Even on my Windows machine, the computer isn’t fast enough to keep up with the data due to the software not using the GPU for the calculations.

I see a ton of potential here, but it’s kind of ridiculous that they let us try software this bad. The bare minimum should have been basic USB drivers.

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Hi @thomasl

We are working on the USB mode of the Mac version, and almost finish it. Please give us some more time, thank you.

Best Regards

@Revopoint3D-Cassie You have been saying that it’s almost finished for months. It should not be taking this long. What is the ETA?