New Range will not scan anything

Testing a brand new Range scanner with Revo Scan 5 (just downloaded), and after getting some scans on the first day trying it out using both a PC and Android, it will now not scan any object whatsoever. The instant I press Start, the error message “not enough point clouds captured” pops up, and there is nothing on the main screen. Both depth and RGB cameras are working, and I have tried every conceivable setting and object and distance to scan with the same result every time. The distance bar on the right of the main window only shows flashes of green bars when I move the scanner, but nothing at all when the scanner is still; the first day I tried it they clearly worked and I was able to adjust my distance with them. Tried deleting and reinstalling Revo Scan, and get the same results and also with the Android App.

Any ideas, or did it somehow die after the first use? I have no saved scans, nor can I generate one to even troubleshoot.

Does a preview show up before clicking start?

No preview - just the images in the depth and RGB. The first session it did, then nothing for 2 days of trying.

If you’re getting images in the Depth and RGB windows, then I’d run Task Manager and see how much available memory you’ve got when you try to scan.

Also, use the bust and position the Range at a 45° angle with low room light, then let us know what happens.

Stay inside a room without sunlight… use a blank object like the head in the box… if you don’t see nothing try to turn off the light…

Tried again, and now not getting images in the Depth window. Tried everything from bright lights to almost dark, and replicated conditions that I first tried 2 days ago, and no success. On the Android app error message is “too few point detected”, which comes up immediately on starting the scan.

Hi @andrewd
Please put a white paper in front of the scanner at the distance of 30cm or use a white wall and set the distance between exactly 30 cm or greater , make sure the range scanning settings are set to minimum , then make a screen shot of the software in preview mode .

Range starts scanning at 30 cm so any object closer than that will be not visible

Do not scan outside on a sunny day , you need stay away from windows light that shine direct sunlight in your objects .

@andrewd Did you point the scanner at the object before clicking New Scan? If you do not aim at any object at the beginning, the central window may not be displayed, you can click home, and then enter the scanning interface to try again.

If still not working, please let me know, we can book an online meeting with you, it will be more convenient to solve the problem.

Hi @Revopoint-Agnes,

I have the same issue with my Revopoint Range (from the Kickstarter campaign).

RGB camera works well, but the depth camera in the app mostly shows blank white screen.

In the middle part of the screen there is nothing only the “too few points…” error message.

It worked a month ago but now it can’t scan anything.

After reinstalling the app now it can see things but can’t scan or if it scans something it’s just random dot cloud.

@Akos Did you contact Revopoint customer service? The email is, they will help you to solve the problem by having an online meeting.

I’ll contact customer service. Just tried multiple attempts and still get the same error messages and nothing showing in the scanning window, only in RGB and Depth window. Placed the scanner 30.5cm from a white wall and it shows on the Depth and RGB, but not the scanning window. I also deleted and reinstalled the app on PC with no change.

Nobody can help you with this issue here in the forum , please contact the customer support via

Of course it will be on Monday because the office is closed for the weekend already .

@andrewd Hi Andrew, do you have time for an online meeting? Please check the chat I send to you :smiling_face:

I am having the same issue. Brand new Range, right out of the box.

RGB Camera working, IR is very dim, error message “too few points”

Please don’t worry, we will help you solve the problem asap.

Note: Revopoint provides online one-to-one video assistance, welcome to book a meeting with us!