My cell phone says i ran out of memory rather quickly when scanning with mini

thus i am wondering what i have to do in order to fix this problem and be able to scan with the mini and my android phone. i have 4 ram and maybe 32gb in the phone. is this a ram issue or i need to get more gb memory on my phone

with 4GB of RAM you will get very low level of frames, shut down all background apps and before restart your phone to free out all memory , with 6GB I get 3000 …
In 3 days there will be a new RS5 for Android in Google Play , try that , it will add extra frames to your phone as well , please always watch your frames , you don’t need more than 360 frames over one rotation of the object , I am scanning people with just 1200 frames , and 4GB RAM can handle that as well .

However the work comfort between 4GB RAM and 6 or 8 GB RAM on mobile device is huge , better tracking , faster processing .
The new RS5 will also need a lot of memory as it will save now all projects on your phone , so it can run quickly out , at least 252 GB or you need to keep tracking and clean it every time .
The new app allows you soon to import your projects directly to RS5 on computer so it would be better to clean up the phone memory after making a copy on your computer .

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