Mouse invisible in Revoscan

Attempting to use Pop (for now) in Windows 10 & 11 (2 diff machines). Can’t get it working.
I’ve installed freshly downloaded Revoscan in both. In each case, as soon as the scanner connects, the mouse disappears, which makes it impossible to do anything in the app (unless I’m supposed to use quickkeys or something?). It’s working exactly the same in each. Desktop & laptop.
I’ve gone through a few videos and other resources, I don’t see anything helpful.
Mouse is still active, and visible in other windows. I only can’t see it in the RS window, when the scanner is connected.

Hi @keithwins ,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Because we have never met this issue before, I need some time to discuss it with the team and let you know their feedback soon.

Best Regards

to update: I’ve realized my mouse is always invisible in the sofware on my desktop: I think on my laptop it was visible until connection. In both cases it’s only invisible when hovering over that window, it’s fine in other windows/screens. It makes it impossible to make any scans.
Also, I can’t find the Handyscan software in the Play store, it must have been pulled for some reason (which raises some concern?). The QR code you provide goes nowhere, and a search in Play doesn’t get anything. That doesn’t inspire confidence.
I do want to see if I can connect to it via wifi on my computer, but I think the problem is purely software-based in Revoscan. If you provided links to older versions that might help, I don’t know.

I’ve got a workaround. If I hover in a window other than Revoscan, my mouse becomes visible. If I click in that window, then mouse over to RS, my mouse remains visible until I click in RS. So I can do that over and over and maybe get a scan. Very tedious but maybe finally at least allowing a scan. But now I’m stuck at Revostudio b/c I didn’t know I had to get a CD Key and apparently that’s done automatically from that thread response. I really hadn’t realized I was signing up for a 1/2-baked experience.

Hi @keithwins ,

The window maximizes feature of our program may have some compatibility issues.

Please do NOT maximize the window when using the current version, and we will fix this as soon as possible.

As for the Handy Scan, because it does not support POP 2, we hide it to avoid some new POP 2 users wrongly-download it and can’t use the software successfully.

Best Regards

Thanks Cassie. I never don’t maximize windows, so I wouldn’t have ever figured that out!