Mini won't turn on

I just got the Mini and installed the Revopoint scan software. I plugged it into my laptop in a USB 3.0 port and it does not turn on.

What happens with the Status LED on the scanner’s rear panel when you plug it in?

Jeff - I think I have a faulty cable. When I use the short cable to connect the Mini to either my laptop or phone, it doesn’t respond at all. No lights come on. But if I use the long cable, it powers up fine. So the good news is that the Mini works fine

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How you connected the short cable to your phone when the power go only via USB A ? There are no phones with USB A connector .
I guess you just connected the USBC what is for data only .

You need to connect USBA to power source and USB C to your computer .

It seems that your laptop USB3 port do not support enough power and data on the same cable for that reason the single cable will not works and you can’t do anything about that .

You will need to use WiFi for data or the split short cables that separate power and data with your laptop , and probably you will need extension cables .

If you use the short split cable with your phone connect the USB A to a power source and data via USBC or WiFI to your phone .

I have adapters between USB A & C. I also have USB cables with a variety of plugs at each end from different vendors. I doubt I am the only one.

That was not actually the question Jeff and totally out of context .

I know why it don’t worked because it is not the first time people trying to power the scanner using the USB C part from the split cable mobile connector .
But power do not run through this cable only data and that what it was about .
And not if you can use adapter or not .

Not all phones support OTG charging functions either
I don’t think it is nesesery to make a brain surgery from this subject and confuse the user even more , the answer is simple so let stay on topic .

“But power do not run through this cable only data” …that’s what I discovered. Upon further inspection of the USB cables, the split cable USB-A is not SS, but the longer cable is so it can power the Mini. I don’t understand why the split cable isn’t the same. And why doesn’t the USB-C provide power on the split cable? This causes alot of unnecessary confusion.

The split cable is to use with power bank and a phone only, it is called mobile split cable .
And it is very good cable because not all computers can support efficient power and data on one USB cable only , phones either .

So what are you confused about ? There are labels on the cables or packages including manuals.

I am using the mobile split cable on my PC with extensions and I have never issues since then . I use it also when using my Revopoint power bank and phone /tablet

Are your phone supporting charging function of 5/2Am ? And provide fast flow of data at the same time ? I don’t think so , for that reason the mobile split cable .

I believe Revopoint using just one USB cable for Power and Data was huge mistake as it created a lot of troubles among the users, for some it worked for others sometimes , and some got their USB ports damaged . I have a very good PC but once it worked then stopped back and forth so I got tired of it and switched to mobile split cable and everything works fine since then .

If you want to use your scanner via WiFi you can’t power it using single USB cable that was included in the package connected to PC , it would create conflict . Use separate power or mobile split cable for power only .