Mini no longer working

Could not find any other way on the site to do so other than the automated bot chat which was no help.

my revopoint mini stopped working after updating revoscan to the latest. now the scanner stays red all the time, tried on 3 different devices and still can not get it to work, attempted pressing play 10x on multiple attempts and this has not restored any functionality. also I have tried the reset process holding the button during a power cycle to get the green light then pressing again to get the blue light. this triggers a firmware update which says is successful but the light turns red during the last 10% of the final process in step 2 and stays red during the reboot stage . None of my devices recognize the scanner any longer and the light is always red

Thank you

Hi @BsMartabano , please try this to restore the device or prepare it for firmware update if it got stuck the first time.

Let me know if it worked for you , you have 2 options , reset and update again , or restore to original firmware without update .

If any of the options don’t works
You can write direct to and link the thread address to your reply with your forum ID or wait for the support team to check out in about 10 hours from now on since the office is closed at this moment .