Mini no longer connects via Wifi or USB

My Mini was working previously but now it will boot to a green light but it won’t show up on the Desktop version of Revoscan nor the iOS version. The desktop version sees a serial number but it still says the Device is disconnected.

Okay. Strangely it connects with Revo Calibration but still doesn’t show up in Revo Scan.

Looks like I had to reinstall Revoscan, even though it appeared to be operating just fine.

Hi @Xminus6 , did the reinstall fixed anything for you ?

It did. I haven’t tried it over iOS though. Not sure why it would have affected the iPhone app not working. But it worked on my laptop.

I have sometimes exactly that for no reason , one device working fine via WiFi , the other not , then it switch and the other works etc. . What I do in this case is close my WiFi and reboot the devices and phone or computer .