MINI firmware update issues


I just installed my Revopoint MINI today. I have the dual axis turntable also. The firmware download error message (Check your Internet Connection) came up. I switched IPs (I have two). The first one (Spectrum) never allowed me to load the page. The second one (AT&T) did. Still, the firmware download error message popped up every time. I connected my Surface (wait) to my phone’s hotspot. Error message. I connected the MINI to two different laptops, both running Windows 10, everything up to date. No dice. I changed cables. I tried using WARP VPN. No success with any of that at all. I tried 10 times with each variation. No luck at all. I forgot to mention: I turned off my Windows Defender and the router’s firewall. I am not using any extra software.

I have literally tried every option I have found on this thread. I am unable to download the firmware update and thus use the dual axis turntable. Please tell me what I am missing. I am rather frustrated. Can we not just download the firmware files from some mirror at this point? I know it was already stated there was no local install option, but that was a while back.

Thank you. Please help me get to use my MINI.

Hello @StrangeAeons
@Revopoint3d-Agnes will check on you with proper instructions regarding your issue.
If you don’t want to wait direct your issues to

I was talking with tech support regarding the issue… after 25 minutes, the situation is not any better. Still get the same firmware update / check your internet connection, etc.

So far:

Uninstalled RevoScan software and re-downloaded latest version (4.2.1), rebooted computer, reinstalled software, rebooted wireless router, reconnected mini scanner and of course, I get the same error message.

Tech support is checking on the issue and will get back up with me.

I never had that issue and I installed many firmware updates vis my PC , but in your case your internet provider may not allow for Chinese servers to install anything on your computer for that reason many users used VPN software to get around that issue .

If you get error ( no internet connection ), it may be blocked by your internet provider, anti virus software etc…

Let’s wait to see what Agnes have for you tonight when she is back at work again .

I temporarily turned off the firewall on the computer to see if this would help but no such luck. Same issue.

I would suggest you waiting for future instructions from @Revopoint3d-Agnes

She will be back at work in 7 hours when the office opens. They operate on Beijing China time.

Thank you, PopUpTheVolume. I suppose I will wait. Now, she is in Beijing (Agnes). Are you also in the PRC? You have not had any issues installing Firmware, but they are very common for, seemingly, everyone else. Would it not make sense to find an alternate firmware distribution method? This is literally the first time ever I have run into an issue like this trying to update firmware on anything.

If I might, the Revo Pop 2 is a Linux device. I am assuming the MINI is also. Why not make a Linux version of the RevoScan software so we bypass any issues with Windows? At least the firmware downloader program. We could run it off a Pi or similar just to get the scanner firmware updated and then go back to Windows for regular use. I am rather certain everyone here has at least one Raspberry Pi.

I know there are more variables (the server being up for one, the ISP allowing the transfer) but this would take care of at least some of them.

I have the same issue… The firmware download error message (Check your Internet Connection) came up. Same message with the 4.2.0 or 4.2.1…

Serge, for how long have you been trying to update the firmware?


I am in NYC . I never had issues with installing firmwares , and I did many many times .

BTW I already moved this thread into customer support section, if all people keep talking don’t expect each of you going to be served on individual level beside the thread owner .

If anybody have issues please post your own separate thread under Support/Customer Support or write directly to

There is no mass fixation for your issue and every issue is taken on individual level , please think about that before replying to this thread .

Hi @sergelr17 try to rest the device and if the light turns green again do not update the firmware again today. It is possible that the Chinese server is down for the weekend for any reason that why you can’t update , as I see lots of people have issue this weekend . The last firmware is not my favorite so skip it if you can after you restored your device .

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I did not get contacted by Agnes. Is there something I should do now?

@StrangeAeons Hi there, please send an email to with this forum link, maybe we need to schedule an online meeting with you.

yesterday I was unable to update the firmware of my mini on my Windows PC. Today, I did a test on my imac, and everything works… So I can use my turntable.

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@StrangeAeons follow this tutorial [Tutorial] MINI | POP2 | RANGE - Firmware Update Error - Tip | Fix - #6

You have there 2 options , reset the firmware back to original or prepare it for a new update

If the device turn blue after attempting firmware update it means it is in safe mode and update did not finished , clicking 10 times fast the play button on the back of the device will reset it , or follow the long steps to prepare it for a new update .
And try again .
Please power the device with anything else but your computer to process it .

Serge, what did you do differently? Just use an Apple computer instead of Windows?

yes, I did the same thing as yesterday on my PC but connecting my mini to an apple today. I launched Revoscan and it offered to update my firmware, and it worked.

After I read your answer, I tried again. I did nothing different. Just connected the scanner to my Surface running Windows 10 and my regular connection. I could not even access the 3 page.
And the download worked on first try.

I have to think it is tied to when the download server is up and running. All of my firewalls were running normally and I did not use a VPN nor anything like. I hope this gets improved on.