Mesh File Naming Protocol

It is annoying to have to rename each mesh file (because they are all named “fuse_mesh”) when the solution is so easy.

Instead of naming each file “fuse_mesh”, use the same name that the ZIP file uses when it is created. It is easy to group them because their suffixes differ.



Hi Jeff,
Thanks for this suggestion. We will improve it in future updates.

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Hi, Cassie:

It’s been 6 months. How’s that improvement coming along?

Hi @JeffLindstrom ,

Our developer team discussed this. But considering that when you share the model files, you can choose one model or several models together into one ZIP file, which means we can’t use the same name that the ZIP files uses. Hope you can understand.

Besides, the upper folder is in a different name, which we think may help you to know they’re different models.


Best Regards