Marker Dots (local source)

TbH here, when buying a high price article like a 1000€ scanner 50€ might not be much, but if you are buying a few marker dots for less than 10€ then it is. (even if I buy the biggest bundle it is still less than 40€)
I’m also pissed that the 8,38€ (price stated within the shop) without tax turned into 9,99€ without tax on checkout. (Even the ~10€ for 200 dots seems a bit on the pricey side)

Long story short, I want to source this kind of dots locally.
Anyone any recommendations?
What is the search term I have to use. Nothing I used brought anything up in eBay or Amazon.

Is the last way out to reuse all dots I have and use double-sided tape when the glue on them runs out? (I think they were meant as single use, haven’t used any so far, doesn’t mean I won’t in future.)

Edit: Candidates I found: (white paper dots on A4 paper where you have to print the black border yourself): B0155H5BMO (24mm)
B000M261TK (8mm; 5.632 dots; €3.92)
B000M261TK (12mm; 2,464 dots; €4.04)

Two that have to be placed over each other: B00VZB8OGK (10mm black) B00VZDO2VE (5mm white), tho I dunno of they work because they are PVC which is invisible in far infrared.

Edit 2: Found these silver ones: B00VZE1QHQ (5mm silver)

Try laser scanning markers or feducials. Try a search here as well, I’ve seen this discussed in the forum here before.

I did the search first with no result*.
laser scanning markers” and “feducials” give no meaningful results.
On the first term I get a lot of text markers, a lot of lasers, and barcode scanners, and none for the second. Is there a typo?

*= did it again, and the only thing that came close was one person who asked for the size of the stickers, which was given, but no source to buy similar stickers (only the official shop … well, there are 50 reasons against to buy there)

Hi @Thatguy

You can buy the markers from our official store on Amazon. Here is the link:

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Print your own

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Look for dot labels that are more reflective than just being solid white - those are also available on Amazon for cheap.

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Thanks … why is it so hidden? I literally searched for hours, and didn’t find any.
€25.50 for 500 is still a bit on the expensive side, though. If I cut out the property of being reflective … and that I have to put a reflective silver on a black one manually … then I can get 1428 (plus 12 extra silver ones) for €23.70. Well, the silver ones are 5 mm not 6 … but I don’t think that’s making such a difference.

Can’t say I found them … well, I found silver ones, but not with the special reflective property.
Those tapes I found, too, but not as dots …

How did you make that link?
Also, I had this kind in my post … though from (see the ASINs I posted)

Because the price covers the shipping cost and other fees.

Btw, we made showcase contests in June, and all winners can get 1000pcs markers at least. I suggest that you can consider to join our contests in the future, we will hold many contests in this forum. :grinning:

If it says foil, it’s reflective.

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