[MacOS] Revo Scan 5 ( Beta Version )

Official first public MacOS 10.15+ Revo Scan 5 Beta version
this version is valid until March.31

Please download and share your experiences and feedback in the forum

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It’s probably a rude question but I need to ask before purchasing the range.
Have Revo any ideas of charging a fee for RevoScan 5?

The question was answered before already, no that will not happen, it is a part of the scanner package and will be free.

Order for range on its way.
RS5 works fab with the mini.

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Yes it do good job with MINI and POP2
I was also pleasant with the color scans , really nice
I like to control my process rather than use basic settings , and it deliver , the merging is on spot as well , some new features will come in the future , it is not the final version after all, but good basic functionality for now .

6 inches figure scanned with Range and aligned from 4 scans using feature mode including bottom .

Here one session MINI scan and color

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Even the tracking is fab. I was trying my best to make the Mini loose track. Not once.
Now we need some of those fab Pop Youtube vids,

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Happy to hear that @penneyduck … I plan this weekend to do some video materials for the RS5 , if time allows I will be also live on Sunday around 3pm EST having fun in real time with various hacks :wink:

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Well I have just ordered the Range.
What with the Mini, Range and the Bambu Labs X1C should be sorted for a few years.

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Installed RS5, tried it and it really rocks! noticed the result quality improved as well! Super!

I just scratched the surface,but 2 things bothered me:

1- CPU temp was in F and i haven’t found option to change it to Celsius
2- are there any dual-axis turn table controlls other than Start and STOP ?

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IOS for IPhone IPad is also out.


First try, the result is really good and improved significantly, UI/UX is also good.
Just wonder where is the setting for dual axis turnable to run automatically with different turns/angles when start scanning as previous version? Thanks


Is it rude to ask here, could someone just try to compile the Mac version of the software under Linux? as Mac’s base is BSD as far as I know and the Qt library is cross platform. Maybe…
I would more than happy to test it.