[Mac] The Beta3 Version of Handy Scan

Dear Mac users,

Thank you so much for your patience.

The Beta3 version is available now! You can download it here: HandyScan-Mac12-3.1.4-1129-Beta3.pkg - Google Drive
(If beta2 is working for you, then no need to download this version)

  1. [Fix] The USB connection issues on the Monterey system.

Notice: When you process this software version, you will need to enter the password. This is only a beta version for the current use, and we will solve this problem on the official version soon.

Known bugs:

  1. The Maximize/ Minimize buttons are unavailable;
  2. The manual button under the RGB window is not correctly functioning. Users can choose the [Auto] option.

Installation steps:

  1. Uninstall the Handy Scan on your Mac;

  2. Double click " HandyScan-Mac12-3.1.4-1129-beta3.pkg", and follow the installation steps.


  3. Go to Applications and open “Handy Scan”.

  4. Start to scan.


Hey Revopoint Team.

No luck so far on my side. McaBook Pro, Mac OS Monterey and several different USB Ports.
The Camera (early adopter first version Pop 1) is not recognized.

Could it be related to the early pop firmware? I tested the device at a collegues Windows PC. There it works flawlessly.

Edit: In the console logs I can see the following error: “standard 17:41:15.961538+0100 kernel 000839.362103 HandyScanApp@(null): AppleUSBHostUserClient::start: missing entitlement com.apple.ibridge.control” → as referred from here this could be the error: https://developer.apple.com/forums/thread/655118

YAY!!! IT WORKED! (although I have to type in an administrator’s name & password every time I run the software which is annoying). I’ll also mention Handyscan crashed the first time I tried scanning my face at the point where it started fusing. However when I tried a second scan of container it worked fine so I suspect there is a software bug to be worked out there.

Lastly, I just discovered the USB A power/data cable Revopoint provided is faulty - the POP powers up but my computer cannot see or communicate with it. It was only when I used the second USB C cable with a “USB-C-to-A” adapter that I could get it to work. I would greatly appreciate a replacement USB A cable Revopoint as this is the first time I’ve been able to use this and had no way of knowing the cable was faulty until now.

Hi @Ziglen ,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the defective cable. Please contact our customer service team: customer@revopoint3d.com. We’re willing to send you a new one.

Best Regards

Hi Cassie,
A positive report, I have installed on Macbook Pro with M1Max processor and it seems to work with native M1 and USB-C cable.

Next step is to get the latest firmware, as mine is 1.7.2 (first shipment).

Just send my firmware request, hope it is process quickly.

Kind regards, Rob

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Hi @bplutka ,

Sorry for this issue. I had told our product team to analyze and try to find out what’s the reason.

Best Regards

Good news here.

Beta3 Mac Version is also working with the latest firmware on the POP on my Macbook Pro 16inch M1Max with USB-C connected.

With the help op Cassie I could update the POP on a Windows machine through Wifi as described in the firmware manual. Firmware on POP is now v2.1.7.20210708.

Again, Cassie thank you !

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Hi @Robr57 ,

It’s my pleasure. Thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards

on M1 MacBook Air 16GB. Big Sur 11.6.

Handyscan looks like it does make a scan and can export but I have no way to retrieve the results which are now only available in PLY format. OBJ export option is missing.

-I can’t seem to export the scans to any of my folders. it seems that I can put them into ‘a’ Documents folder but I can’t see any files in Documents when I navigate externally via Finder.
-the option to save to OBJ format is gone. Only PLY option is there.
-When I create a new project the app seems to try and save to my iCloud Drive - which I do NOT want.
-Asks for Mac account password every time the apps starts.
-Window resize problem still has not been fixed since previous beta releases. The windows cannot be shrunk down smaller than 2560 x 1570.
-The app opens full screen all the time and is quite annoying.

Feature requests:
-Add a keyboard shortcut (perhaps space bar) to start and stop scanning. it’s annoying to have to use a mouse.
-Remember last window size.

Hi @beanyyz ,

Thank you so much for your feedback. We will test and improve these points.

As for the keyboard shortcut (perhaps space bar), this feature is available on this version. You can use the space bar to start or pause scanning.

Best Regards

Hi @beanyyz ,

For the export model issue, we will solve it in the future version. For now, you can try below method.

(only for HandyScan-Mac12-3.1.4-1129-Beta3)

[Export Model Steps]

Skip the iCloud Drive prompt.

Select the folder where you want to save model files, please follow the steps:
Uploading: Picture4.png…


You will find the files in “Downloads” folder there (under your current user account) .

Hi @Revopoint3D-Cassie ,

I know where my Downloads folder is and the PLY files are not there. Inside Handy Scan, it doesn’t show me all the sidebar links like my regular Finder windows do. It looks like Handy Scan is in a restricted mode. Maybe this problem is related to the persistent Mac password entry upon start of the application?

In the Windows version, exported files are saved in the Handy Scan program folder (C:\Program Files\HandyScan\HandyScan). These files cannot be manipulated unless your app is in Administrator mode.

Each time I start Handy Scan, I have to remember to specify the handylookdata folder under C:\Users{login_name} the first time I export a file because that’s the default folder for Handy Studio.

It is quite possible that the iMac configuration is similarly flawed.

That would explain in part why HandyScan needs elevation in Windows version. Writing to C:\Program Files requires Admin elevation.

They should be saving global logs and such to:


or user specific logs to:


And scan files should by default be saved to:


Seems to me they should be saving files in the same folder as Handy Studio, and that should be under the My Documents folder where everyone else stores their files.

Hola, compre el POP en Agosto con la idea de que estaría solucionado el problema de la conexión a mac mediante USB en Septiembre, tengo un MAC MINI con un M1 y Bigsur y solo pude usar el escaner con la beta 3.1.3 conectado con USB -C en Noviembre un par de pero desde que actualiza a Monterrey ya no me funciona, he probado de instalar la siguiente versión beta y tampoco reconoce el dispositivo.
No me parece bien que se promocione y venda un producto de tan elevado coste sin tener todas las opciones de su uso comprobadas y menos aún que se anuncie que se podrá usar con usb en mac en septiembre y no se cumpla esa promesa. Y ahora veo que están vendiendo un modelo superior de POP y yo aún no he podido usar completamente el que compre en Agosto. Si investigan en superar el POP ya podrían al menos solucionar el problema de conexión mediante USB con el mac.

Hi @beanyyz

Sorry for my late reply.

You’re right. The path problem was caused by the temporary technical solution of entering the password. Therefore, to accurately save the model file to the download folder of the current user, it is still recommended to follow the steps we provide, and it is not easy to make mistakes.

Best Regards

Hello Cassie,

The POP does not work on my Mac Pro 2014.

I’ve downloaded and installed the beta 3 software. I’m using a 2019 Mac Pro with MacOS Monterey. I tried the USB cable (both USB and thunderbolt3 provided with your product) and the scanner shows up as grey within the software. The computer acknowledges something is plugged into that USB port. Were there additional steps I was supposed to take to get this to work?

FYI the scanner works using iPhone and iPad. I could not get it to work with my Mac Pro 2014 using the POP hotspot method. It shows as connecting to my phone but doesn’t show up in HandyScan.

See attached screenshots for all the pertinent info. Please let me know if you require additional info.

Kind regards,

Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 4.11.11 PM