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Hello @Revopoint3d-Selina and thank you for the proposed time to meet.

I just got the 2ATT to connect to the Mini when I was connected to the Mini via WiFi.

I think that there are two things that are going on that are causing problems.

#1: Power supply and USB data to Mini: At least for my 2016 MacBook Pro 16", the single USB A connector doesn’t supply enough power to the Mini to adequately power bluetooth. I did try using the split cable, but as previously reported, I think the USB-A end of the split cable is only for power and the USB-C is for data. My MacBook does not have a USB C connector for data. Therefore, the split cable will not work for me. [I have ordered a female USB-C to Male USB-A adapter and will try that to see if my hypothesis is correct. I will report on it in a few days.]
#2: 2ATT discovery/pairing vs connection: I think that the 2ATT is only discoverable very shortly after booting, despite the blinking green light. I noticed that if I power cycled the 2ATT during the search, then (and only then) did it get displayed in the search results. [This is something I didn’t try the first time I connected to Wifi - but I was desperate tonight.]

I would recommend that Revopoint do a better job documenting the USB power issues in the materials that come with the device and also possibly consider an additional USB adapter to be included. For the more distant future (MINI 2), ditch the aging USB split connector and go 100% USB-C.

I also recommend that Revopoint look into the bluetooth module for the 2ATT and at a minimum, better document the pairing process. Also, the lack of any USB connection for it and the single-button interface seriously handicap troubleshooting.

I was enthusiastic about this product as my first foray into 3D scanning - but it seems like it really is not ready for mass consumption. The buyer needs to be patient and technically minded/savy. I thought 3D printing (which Ive been doing for years) was still a bit primitive, but this has lowered the bar.

I mean no disrespect to Revopoint on my comments. I simply want to provide honest feedback - which I think needs to be seriously considered if there are hopes for these products to be usable for non-engineering-background people.

I do look forward to using this product now that I have it all connected. Maybe more significantly, I have a new respect for the learning curve on this product. I still have high hopes for using this scanner!

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Yes, please check it. MINI needs a USB 3.0 to connect with a computer. So it could be the problem.
Thanks for mentioning it.

I will forward this to our team and see if we can find out the problem. It would be better if you could provide a video showing the problem. Thank you very much.

I will forward these suggestions to our R&D team. Thanks!

Yes, for sure. Thank you for spending the time and being so patient to talk to us. We are delighted to hear your voice over our products. I can totally understand your feeling (as I am a consumer myself) and your concern about 3D scanning newbies’ expectations and how they will feel if they meet the same situations. Now we are working hard to improve our software. Please stay tuned.


I canconfirm that the MacBook Pro mid-2015 has two USB 3.0 ports (type A). See specs here (MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) - Technical Specifications). So the problem is NOT that the laptop is missing any USB 3 functionality.

Also, I tried using a split connector with USB-A going to AC power and USB-C going to an adapter to my laptop. Again - no communication with the 2ATT.

It seams that I have no choice but to use the Mini via WiFI if I want to use the 2ATT, which is disappointing. :frowning:

I have the opposite problem now. I can use it connected to my M1 Macbook Pro, but I can’t find it as a WiFi network if I want to use it with my iPad Pro or iPhone. As you can imagine, it’s not always convenient to have to put a full-sized laptop down within the cable’s reach to the object I’m trying to scan.

How do I pair it over WiFi again? I’m quite sure I did it at some point but it neither remembers that connection or gives me the option to reconnect it via WiFi.

Hello, I seem to have a problem with the dual-axis and my Mac book air… all software and firmware worked well. The issue is that when I scan only the first rotation works… the turntable will not tilt and rotate after the first turn
Hope you can help.

I will report this problem to our team. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, could you share a video showing the problem? So that we can help better. Thanks!

May I ask what no communication mean? Does it mean “no dual-axis turntable found on Revo Scan” Or you can see the dual-axis turntable but you can’t connect it?