Mac / iOS - There has to be a better way!

Name one piece of prior advice from Cassie which was accurate.

I believe she tries to be as helpful as she can based on the information she gets from her developer team. Like you, I’m impatient at getting a macOS version of their software…

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Hi @mmatzka
Sorry, it’s our fault for not releasing the Mac version on time. I apologize for that.
I had pushed our product team again and suggested they release the Beta version firstly, at least.
Please give us some time. Thank you for your patience.

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Thank you so much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi @Dave_McCaig
Yes, the Mac version is delayed. We apologize for that. I had pushed our product team to release the Beta version firstly. Please give us some time.
Thank you in advance for your kind understanding.

@Revopoint3D-Cassie At the very least, please have the developers provide a new release date for the mac version.

Also as many including myself have requested the phone connected to the POP vs the POP to the phones hotspot as those with out hotspot plan can not use their phone or their iPad that is wifi only. Please request if this is possible from the developers. This question has been asked by so many and so many times you have dodged the question. We want an answer as many have bought this for mobile use specifically and not the computer.


Hi, @WilliamB @Will @Engpete @jburk @the_fnordian_slip @mrehmus and any other users who are waiting for the Mac version

We released the Beta Mac version, please kindly check this post, thank you.

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Great that you are making progress on this, thank you. Unfortunately, the device is not detected by your app. The system sees the POP on the USB bus and recognises as a camera. I am using a MacBook Pro 2020 M1.

Same. “No device was found, please plug in”. Shouldn’t the Handyscan software be asking for “security&privacy” access to the camera? I am on OS 11.4, on a Macbook Pro (16", 2019).

Will- that access point tip worked. Thanks! Glad I can at least use a workaround for my phone for now.

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Same for me software can’t find device

I downloaded and installed the beta. It cannot “find” the POP. It is unbelievable that the software is incapable of even doing that.

How can you call this a beta version when it can’t find the scanner? Even an alpha version should be able to do that.

As reported by others, the USB connection does not seem to work with the macOS version of HandyScan… But I found a work-around to get it work over WiFi, see my post here: [New Release] The Beta Mac Version of Handy Scan - 20210604 - #6 by Will

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I installed the Mac Version and I could connect to the Scanner using Wifi and it showed an image.

When I have some spare time I will try to complete my first scan :slight_smile:

How did you connect over WiFi?

You need to create first a POP WiFi hotspot where the scanner can connect to. RevoPoint Team has provided steps to do so from an iPhone, but it is also possible to create the HotSpot directly from your Mac if you cannot from you iPhone (because your iPhone/iPad data plan may not have the HotSpot option, or because it is not convenient or too insecure). You can find the original instructions how to create a WiFi HotSpot on your Mac from this link: Creating a Wi-Fi Access Point on OS X – Laszlo Pusztai. Or you can check the summary I provided on the forum in the “[New Release] The Beta Mac Version of Handy Scan - 20210604” topic: [New Release] The Beta Mac Version of Handy Scan - 20210604 - #16 by Will

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I just used another (already retired) regular access point with the Wifi POP / 12345678 that doesn’t span it’s own subnet. Then the scanner is visible to all devices in the whole network without the need to fiddle with hotspots.

I could use a little more info on how this is done. It reads as if you are using an old wi-fi router/repeater that has been configured with the name “POP” and the password “12345678”, but how does the phone get the info from the POP if the POP connects to the repeater instead of the phone?

I tried researching this, but all I am finding are ads and simple articles about connecting an extender onto an existing Hotspot.


Great advise lol… all the trouble using iPhone and you tell him to have his dog not move… that’s rich!!

I have one but will not use it until I receive my IOS lightning cable and will not recommend it to anyone else until I receive my IOS lightning cable as advertised and promised in your kickstarter campaign.