Mac and android usb mode?

Can we have an update on the mac usb mode and also the android usb mode software as the WiFi modes are pretty much useless on my computer.
Thank you

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Which models are you planning on using?

I would also like an update on the mac USB mode. Some sort of timeline, even if it’s a long one, would be welcome.


Model of computer/phone?
If so, I am going to use an RedMi Note 7 with 12.0.3 and extra memory card. The USB mode worked fine in April but after an update the HandyScan App says it not have the premission to use the USB.

Mackbook Pro and Samsung s10 :+1:

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The update may (possibly) have bounced your phone out of Developer mode. This website will provide guidance on enabling Developer mode, with some specific hints for some individual phones.

Any news for Android USB? So far I am unable to use this scanner

The phones that work with the POP have been listed here:

Yeah found it, and added some info to the thread with what is and not working

You can use Wi-Fi mode, here is the users’ manual: