Low FPS around 4.5 to 7 FPS so bad tracking!

hello , the range is annouced to scan up to 18FPS … with 4.(( in high accurancy) and 6 with standard accurancy… i’m very far… i use a HUAWEI P30PRO ( 8 gb of ram )…

so the tracking is bad when i move around the engine motor … even very slowly!

any ideas ?


The FPS speed will be affected by your system as well , however Range 18 FPS speed is only available in Standard accuracy with Large Object type( Officially ) , on my Dell Latitude it is around 12 FPS standard mode , Large Object, on my PC 18FPS so it depends on the system you running it on .

High Accuracy is around 12FPS on my PC and around 9FPS in Marker mode .

Bad tracking are the results of less features of your object , you cant have bad tracking if you have enough features on your object , slower frames means you need to get slightly slower with movements .
can you upload the picture of the scanned object and the size of it ? remember Range needs feature to be 8cm apart at max, and 3 features at the same time in FOV …