Losing track on part with tons of markers

New user. Very frustrated with the scanner losing track. I have my part covered in markers yet the scanner loses track almost immediately. Then, it cannot re-find itself even though it is showing me lots of dots in the acquisition screen. I can never get it to re-orient with the part. Even though im exactly where I started. Also, I’ve done the scans in multiple places. Not just my kitchen counter. Same problem.

I’ve spent almost a whole day trying to acquire and I’ve got maybe 20% into a model.

Yea, I know this is a one wheel fender. No, im not trying to rip it off. Im using it because it is a complex part and I need to learn how to scan and process a complex part.

On order from Amazon is a boom mount to hold the scanner in a more stable way. I’ve also ordered a black backdrop and a rubber mat to build a scanning booth. Hopefully that will help but this is infinitely frustrating so far.

Any help appreciated

this looks like revopoint mini you are using. because of its limited FOV you might need even more markers. did you also apply some kind of scanning spray / dry shampoo or something ike that for matting the surface ,which helps additionaly with tracking

feature mode looks often more reliable ,so instead of putting markers, you can place some stuff on the surface where tracking otherwise fails and remove it in postproduction.
Also place the object eather on some less even surface or adust the scanning rang it doesn’t get scanned.

Thank you. It is a Pop2 scanner.

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Try body mode with it , but put extra small stuff around would be easier .
You need to place a lot of markers to be able to keep the tracking in Market mode , you switched to Marker mode as well ? And see red dots in the preview ?

You may do a calibration test as well and make sure you have the last version 4.3.1

You object is not easy to scan because there are almost no features , try body mode with additional stuff around … ( to keep the tracking )

Try adding a few extra dots to make the pattern more random, keep the scanner at a slightly greater distance in the ‘good’ range so it can see more dots. If it loses track and cannot re-lock, pause the scan and hit the back button (usually only once or twice is needed) then attempt to re-lock.

@daedalusminos the issue potentially may be the color itself. I’ve had issues with yellow plastic. Maybe it has something to do with the blue light and some of those yellow tones being opposite to Blue light on the color wheel? Anyhow check out this post of a little plastic camera scans but all the yellow was totally invisible to the mini.

It is POP2 scanner not MINI , the color does not matters as long it is not a black plastic or silicone .

@PopUpTheVolume that scan I posted above was done with the mini. I did it the same day I received my mini from Kickstarter.

But just to confirm I did just now hook up my mini and scanned the same camera, the yellow does not show up for my mini. But only because my brightness was set to one if I set it above one shows up clearly.

If set at 1 brightness the yellow is totally invisible.

(Brightness set to one)

(Brightness set to three)

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I know ,Mini cant see yellow , but POP2 can since it is Infrared , I scanned yellow with MINI but used slightly layer of 3D spray to just frost it .

@MR92 do not use MINI , he use POP2 so no issues with colors , some resins, wax , silicone can cause issue since Infrared penetrate the surface , it depends of the Index of Refraction of the surface *IOR

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