Learning how to 3D Scan. @TinWhisperer 's journey

Scan looks good , Instant Meshing is good for mechanical parts , it reminds me of retopology used in Quickface and Modo .
However I can get better retopology in Zbrush with 3 times lower size model that Instant meshing generate , but hey it is free and do the job faster , nothing to complain about .

BTW you should include link to download , some people may be interested

The following binaries (Intel, 64 bit) are automatically generated from the latest GitHub revision.


Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X

I might invest in another software subscription. But first I kind of want to figure out what I’m doing.

Currently I’m a fusion 360 subscriber.

It’s kind of odd how well 3D paint works that just comes with Windows

Also was going to sit down and try Windows 3D builder.

See if there’s any thing worthwhile there.

I wish Fusion 360 wasn’t quite as clunky with meshes. I think I might spend some money to upgrade my computer a little bit. Maybe a better CPU and some more RAM.

I also preordered a 3D printer in November hopefully it’ll be here this November and I can start learning how to use that thing as well.

Right now the majority of my fabrication is sheet metal. I have a small CNC plasma machine that I quite like. Hoping to bring all these techniques together in a few years.


To the 3D models themselves?

For sure next time i am in fusion 360 I could toggle on downloads

Yes model is good , I included the link to download the Instant Meshing software already .

Today’s scan, a dunkleosteus .


Very nice @TinWhisperer , love the details , you may include sometimes shots without the textures to see the model details

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I received my mini yesterday.

I downloaded the new Revo scan software and did the firmware update just as the directions outlined.

I was able to make a couple scans before I left for work today using the dual axis table and everything worked as it should.

I also took a couple infrared photos of the mini just to see what the heat build up would be like after an hour of operation.

It got up to almost 41° c and stabilized with an ambient Air temperature of 20° c

The one complaint I had was one of the lenses seems to have dirt or glue sandwiched in between the layers I don’t know if it’ll affect the accuracy of the scan ? @Revopoint3d-Selina

And an observation I made at is that this color yellow is completely invisible to the mini.

Hopefully this weekend I get some more time to use this device.


That is the RGB camera , make a color test to see if it affect anything , very rare …

This kind of yellow definitely, yellow and any colors that have yellow like brown, orange and green will be affected as they absorbing blue , you will need to increase the gain settings to be able to capture the objects with those colors , sometimes it will not works like green from a plant as I was not able to scan pineapple but was ok scanning my bath duck lol the gain was on 10 .

First scan all colors as usual then next rotation use gain at the proper brightness to capture the rest of the colors that was not captured in first place .

And congrats on your new tool :+1::grinning:


Hi @TinWhisperer
Thanks for letting me know. For these two questions, please do what PUTV said first, as PUTV is very good at 3D scanning and also knows our products with a long enough history of using them. If any further questions, please message me or email customer@revopoint3d.com.

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I tried to scan the same ammonite with the mini this morning and it turned out great.

Emanate was the first scan I made with my pop too at the top of this topic.

The results of the mini are a lot crisper.

For some reason I couldn’t upload any version I exported from Revo scan into Fusion 360? Maybe too big?

I also use the standalone Bluetooth app for the dual access turntable and it also worked well

Big thanks to @X3msnake on that!


Much too big model to use with Fusion , it need to be simplyfied to 250K in Revo Studio, you still get the same details but 80% smaller model.

When you do, start simplyfied function slowly by 100K down until you like the results , so if your model is 1 milion , start at 900K and move down to 800, 700 etc …step by step for best results .
I usually stop by 250K .

Fusion was not build to handle huge models like that so it is only option you have here , the Revo Studio doing great job with the simplyfy option .

Great scan BTW , very nice details …


Liking the thread. Any start tutorial how to start to recommend? Currently jumping between various youtube videos to build the knowledge and its very time consuming (Revo Pop2)

Hi @TinWhisperer,

Yes, that is glue, which won’t affect the accuracy of the scan. Every device may have a similar situation. Please don’t worry.

If you meet any problems in the future, you can feel free to contact us.

Best Regards

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Hi @Zygis ,

  1. We posted some videos and scanning tips on the support page of our official website.
    POP2-support - Revopoint 3D Technologies Inc.

  2. We have a “Beginner Tutorials” part in our YouTube channel.
    Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLN8UlQmwKrZIc89fMo-_vSqiH7lw2gJmb

You can watch them firstly.

Best Regards

@Zygis I still feel like too much amateur too give advice.

I’ve learned by paying close attention to everything @PopUpTheVolume has to say about the subject.

Watch all of their videos and read their forum topics completely.

That is the best start you can get.


Hi @TinWhisperer you are too modest , your scans results looks always excellent since you started scanning . So definitely you are beyond the amateur level by now as you know exactly what you are doing and I am sure other new users would love to hear your advice or opinion how to do it better based on your own experiences.

Keep up the good work !


Just trying to bump this topic hopefully it gives me a legitimate chance at the range contest.

"How to WIN?

Share your showcases in the comment area, and remark which scanner you used."

Or do I have to scan and post some new stuff for this contest?


Exactly as you typed above , it would be great if you have some new scans .
We going to vote on the best showcase showing the quality of the full scans so no partials scans .
Just post the original picture and screenshot of the scans and what scanner you used as others did already , your showcase in the contest thread can have more than one scan .

Good luck to you !

P.S Selina left Revopoint .