Is my scanner broken?

I have tried to scan with the turn table in all modes. The scan jumps all over the place, like its lagging, stuttering. I’m near ready to ask for a refund. HELP.

We’re going to need more information before we can provide any assistance.

Can you provide some photographs of what you are scanning as well as some screen shots of Revo Scan’s operation?

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And make sure you uncheck the Remove Plane option under Depth Camera preview , so it stop jumping back and forward .

As Jeff already stated, some previews would be helpful, each object needs own approach.

Attached are some images. I am using a Microsoft Surface intel i7 16gb of RAM

POP 2 scanner

I have powdered the model I am trying to scan that helped a little but it was still jumping all over the place.

The colors don’t helping here as I see it can’t reflect enough infrared back to the scanner .
You will need to use 3D spray , or mix some powder with a rubbing alcohol and spray it on or use soft brush to paint it on, you can easy remove it after .

Also put the POP2 little higher and set the the angle at 45 degrees, use a proper mode for the size of your scanned object .
Scanning it at “good” distance will not produce good results after .

But before you can try this :

You can also start scanning with regular gain settings at 1, finish a round of 360 frames, then set the gain at much higher value while it still scanning and rotating so the dark color pick up and finish the second round , this way you may capture the darker colors you powdered much better, how far you should go with the gain depends of how well the black color on your figure reflected the infrared light back to the scanner .

You don’t gives yourself an easy object here to work with .

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I tried to do a simpler object but it still just flies all over the place.

It looks fine in the preview but the moment I go into scanning mode it jitters and jumps.

Because the object you scan here need marker mode to be scanned .
Turn the marker mode on and scan again .
Making sure the distance is in Excellent

If you still experience issues please recalibrate the scanner .

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MINI scanner is an optical scanner, it relays on the object features , so you can’t scan very round objects that has no features , if you want you need to use marker mode , or add additional objects to your scanning plate to support better the features , later you can remove it the extra objects in Revi Studio .

This is with all 3D scanners no matter you pay 26K or $900 …
3D scanning request some learning curve and knowledge and a lot of patience.

There is always a way out from any situation so don’t give up too quick , you just started .

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Does it always need to be in marker mode for the turntable?

Not always, only if an object is round or feature less like spheres, flat surface, oval objects .

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Do you have a picture of the object that do it ?

There are 2 reasons , one the object don’t have enough features that be tracket and second you need calibration if your object still spining when using marker mode .

And one more , the object is yellow , dark green , orange or red , the colors absorb the blue light and the pattern is not strong enough to keep tracking . It requires 3D spray .

I use MIni devices for months now , no issues no matter old or new firmware , but I had to calibrate my last new MNI as it was way off .
Others had issues because of that too

The new calibration software is out under Starting point in the forum , download it and recalibrate before trying again .

Sorry Mike , I don’t know what it is … can I see picture of the object on the scanning plate ? The real object .

PUTV has already given many suggestions on how to do it better.
Here are how we scan objects like this.

  1. Apply some sprays to the object, use the marker mode.
  2. Don’t move the scanner while scanning (the relative position between the markers and the scanner will affect the scanning results)

Please refer to the below video.

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The scanner can do that without issue , the last object is not that difficult to scan but have lots of round features , I would scan it from multiple angles and merge them all together in Revo Scan later .
Scanning this type of objects require different workflow since you have inside and outside walls , not easy task but fully possible .

I would add one more thing to it Selina , while scanning in marker mode you can’t pause and change the direction of the object and continue scanning after , marker mode don’t track the features of the objects but only the dots , for that reason the object needs to be always in the same position .
If you need to scan other side , you need to do a second scan and merge it all together after in Revo Studio .

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