[iphone] Revo scan, only able to export files to windows using email

having an issue with revo scan app for iphone. the only way i have found to actually get the file from my iphone to my PC is to Email the file to myself then download it to my PC through email app. I have tried to upload to onedrive and it says uploading but nothing ever happens. I’ve also tried to copy to a folder on iphone but the interface only allows me to select where the i want to save file but no option to actually save. @Revopoint3D-Cassie Iphone revoscan V1.0.4

Had similar issues with OneDrive. IIRC the last time I used my iPhone to scan, I sent the results to the free app “FE File Explorer” and then transferred to OneDrive from there and it worked fine.

FE File Explorer can also make connections to Samba network shares, (S)FTP, Dropbox and Google Drive, so should have you covered if you don’t mind the extra step.

Edit: The RevoScan UI isn’t great for that part. There isn’t a proper button or indication when you select a valid or invalid location.

Edit 2: Just had to double-check something real quick. When you share to FE, it’s not always obvious that it worked. You’re not going to see a big “Project Exported” message.