Ipad Wifi Only Support

I have an ipad pro and was very excited to connect my revpoint pop to it. The info when I bought it was that it would connect via wifi, please explain how that will happen as I have no way to do hotspot being that my ipad does not have a cellular option and it’s wifi only.


Hi Friend,

For iOS version, the app is not available now. We’re trying our best to release it within this April.

I have the some problem
i have an ipad pro last generation (no cell)
The cable usb 3 in the POP box is not usable to usb direct connect the POP?
The POP is powered by that cable but there is not mode to choiche usb and not wifi connection
I try to connect by wifi but the procedure described is not usable for ipad pro (only wifi no cell)
Please one help me

This is a screenshot of the settings panel in the app for iphone

Hi, for iPad version, it is under testing. We will let you know once it is ready.

I do not have an iPad, but I see that Apple has provided instructions on setting up a hotspot.

This is just the first link I found (there are others): https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204023


Hi Jeff,

I appreciate you sending the link but it’s not applicable. It’s for how to setup hotspots with a cell service available. Our challenge is that they said it would connect via wifi and the many of us have WIFI only ipads which do not have the cell service and therefore no ability to create hotspots with it!

Cassie told me before her (mandatory) holiday that she had asked their technical staff about my suggestion that the POP’s WiFi configuration be changed so that the POP is the Hotspot, with our WiFi devices connecting to it as needed.

This would make things much easier for all of us. I am hoping for good news on that point (but it would require that the POP can be upgraded remotely).



I downloaded the latest iOS app to my ipad, which is wifi only, does the scanner have a hotspot option yet???

Any update on when it will be possible to connect through USB from a iPad Pro?

Hello Everyone,
I have an Ipad pro also, please let me know, as soon we could use the ipad.

Hi @DRP71 @dfodaro @Dowser @A61corde

Please kindly check this post, we make it for iPad users: [Guide] How to use Handy Scan on your iPad - #30

For iPad, at this period, only Wi-Fi mode is available. We’re working on the USB mode, but to be frank, it will take some time.

Btw, to any other users, you can find the tutorials in this category: Tutorials & Tips - Revopoint 3D

@ Revopoint3D-Cassie
IPad Pro still only has WIFI mode. Any word on when the USB mode will become available to use?

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Wonder if there is any update for ipad pro with wifi verison only?

Hi @Packy_Shem @evilalive ,

Sorry so much, iPad Pro still only has Wi-Fi mode. For USB mode, I think it still needs a long time.

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