Instant Meshes - Refining your point clouds quick and easy

Just in case you don’t already know: There is a (free and open source) tool called “Instant Meshes” which helps you cleanup meshes/point clouds and reduce them to a workable size and resolution with reasonable loss of detail. (It preserves sharp corners and edges, etc).

You can find it here: GitHub - wjakob/instant-meshes: Interactive field-aligned mesh generator

They also provide papers about their research and how it works (Might be a cool adition for Revo Studio if Revopoint wants to put in the hours to study and reproduce those results).

As far as I understand it: The draw criss-cross lines accross the surface and try to find edges/seems and then generate a new mesh with fewer polygons, which are alligned to the creases and edges of the surfaces. This helps preserving geometries while reducing the mesh density.

Screenshot of the software:


It is called automatic retopology of the mesh , if I good remember the author created it originally for Zbrush as a tool .

It is free and a nice software , I do that all the time in Zbrush converting the original scans . Easy to edit after and works better when using the mesh in CAD software .