Inspired by your chats

This is my first post after reading through the various chats. Please don’t troll me.
I bought my scanner on Kickstarter (backer 4196) mainly to scan faces and objects. Got a bit frustraighted at the start since my scanner kept going on and off, but I managed a decent face scan, which I managed to print, and blew my workmates minds with the detail.
After reading about gripes over firmware updates on this forum, I wrote to Revopoint feeling very disappointed that Revopoint had neglected its backers and received a very positive reply from Ela, Customer Services Rep. I am hopeful they will be able to provide online firmware upgrades in the future, similar to those I can get with my Snapmaker A350.
Giving Ela and Revopoint 5 stars for quick and positive feedback. I hope they can make firmware updates an easy process that any layman can follow.


Here are the results of my head scan:


Hi @Rich ,

Thank you for your feedback. We will keep improving our customer service.

For the firmware update, we had pushed the installation pkg to many users who signed the statement. If you want to, you can check this post: [Statement] Special Statement on Product Firmware Upgrade

Best Regards