If you have the turntable enabled, could you post your config.xml?

I cannot get the turntable option to show up in the app. It says I need to update the firmware, but then it says I’m already on the latest firmware. (see Can’t update Revopoint Mini firmware for first time - Support & Feedback / Issues & Faults - Revopoint 3D) I’m wondering if there is some sort of flag that indicates if the firmware has been updated at least once. If you have the turntable option enabled in your RevoScan, would you mind if you share your config.xml file found in “C:\Program Files\RevoScan\cfg\config.xml”? I’d love to diff it to see if that might be it.

Screenshot 2022-10-07 154708

you are not on the last firmware , and the server do not upgrade at this moment …
They fixing the issues with the upgrades .

Use standalone apps from our community until then to control the DATT

Can you please provide a link to the standalone apps?


It was a problem with the server, and it’s fixed by the team now.

Please download the latest version of Revo Scan and update the firmware to use the dual-axis turntable.

Another good news is that the latest Revo Scan for Windows(Mac’s will be available soon) added a new feature: The dual-axis turntable can be manually controlled now, you can stop or start the turntable anytime you want, and you can set the angles anytime you want too.