I dont Think its normal, Mini Tracking always loosing

I took a video of the behavior, it seem mini is constantly loosing tracking - event on low speed it jump all over the place, on the scan which make a weird bubblie scan. Pop 2 doesnt do that at all on the same rig.

I changed ligth and all same behavior. So what seem to be the problem ?
spec: using a PC laptop connected with USB 3 -
Intel(R) Core™ i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.20 GHz
32.0 GB (31.8 GB usable)

While surprising, this is not uncommon, especially if you were scanning in Marker mode (which should be at least 30° up to 90° from horizontal if the markers are only on the flat surface).

Complete the scan and see what happens with the Fuse operation.

my test are made for feature, marker should no be use, but if because they are marker on the turn table it could mess the scan by feature maybe that the problem, and hiding those pooint could help. Also curiously, we should have an fixed scan which it should not always retarget(its like the an auto focus always updating) and just scan what is theyre.

also fusing you can see theyre is a battle between the point which are miss placed. with no fine tuning or calibration pop2 do a better overall scan.

I did an other run no marker on the table, same setting (feature) and fuse at the end.

same ugly output with bouncing retargeting

549 scan fields is not an extraordinary number, although you could scan more quickly and get it down in the 200-350 range before fusing.

Still, you shouldn’t be getting this result.

Have you tried the Calibration utility? Do you have the Calibration card?

Under the depth camera preview you have checked in Remove Plate, uncheck it and it stops jumping .

You are not losing tracking , if you do , you would have a text on top saying it and areas will be red .

MINI scans best when the Remove Plate is unchecked .

If you still have issues after that , make sure you not scanning more than one rotation of your object at 0 degrees , 360 frames per rotation .

Keep your MINi slightly above your object at 45 degrees.