How to get better details with MINI?

hello, i tryed to scan a minature from a game to have a backup before i start paint them (to be able to print it again if the painting gets wrong)

but i dont get a good model

here is the video:

so if you’ve any good tips for me to increase the quality for my scan pls lemme know :slight_smile:

@Sephiroth the video is not available to play , please change the permission to be able to play in this forum ( other websites)

done, ive changed the settings

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does anyone have a helpful hint for my problem?

Can you please take another look at this? Tia!

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I am sorry I was thinking it was the same issue as you both scanning miniature

Please check the thread below

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Thanks Ivan :relieved: for remainder

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Hi @Sephiroth can you tell me your latest firmware version for MINI you installed , and if you did not , hold your horses .

hey :slight_smile:

ive installed:
Firmware-Version: v2.9.41.20221207
Alogrithmus-Version: v7.6.9.0816

That may explain why you can’t get as good details , since after my update I can’t either so things are clear , we need new firmware update fixing this issue and the dev team is on it already investigating .
I will let you know when I get news .


Let us know when will be a working version to update


I will @MedievalKing , I am not happy as my best MINI device is not even usable right now , too bad results can’t scan anything proper with .

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OK so what I found out regarding the issues with my MINI after installing the latest firmware.

It reset my calibration settings and messed it up
after re-calibrating my device it works fine again

so If you ever get issues after firmware update please make calibration test first , I usually recalibrate it when it reach 0.09000 since my MINI usually is after calibration around 0.0200-0.0370

look the differences

After Firmware Update , and after Calibration

Something to remember about , it may not be always the case, but it is worthy to make Calibration tests after each firmware update to make sure your Calibration is in a proper state.


thank you for the heads up. were there any benefits to updating the firmware?

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To be honest I did not saw any . Maybe it was only connectivity update so if you not experienced anything bad hold your horses with the firmware update .

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hmm i recalibrated my mini now too and got a accuracy from 0.487

this is still the scan-result:

this is the original miniature:

What you mean 0.487
The test was before calibration 0.487 or after ?

If after then is us very bad and you need a new calibration .

Can you please show your scans without color , or scan it without color ?

Your scan is too soft on the edges , can you just scan it at 10 cm distance from the scan and scan just one 360 rotation with the maximum speed of the turntable ?

If possible could you share with me the mesh and fuse point do I could help you more .

Your scan is not optimal and I want to find out why and what is going wrong .
I know you scanning bottom and top at the same time in one session what is not recommend when scanning do find details , if you want max accuracy you can’t do that , you need to scan 2 angles separately and merge the fused point cloud together after .

i’ll post you the informations youve asked for tomorrow.

its better to scan at a good lightened place or scan in a dark place / room?

its after calibration i did it 3 times and this was the best result

before the calibration test told anything around 0.9

You mean it was 0.0487 right ? Not 0.487

MINI don’t like any light so keep it on very low .

ok here are the Videos from:

and here are the Fused Points models of the scans: