How to calibrate the scanned file

While I can get an OK scan, I have not been able to scale it so the final object is of the same size as the original. I’ve tried Meshmixer and tried to set the size but it does not do it accurately. Probably something I don’t know.

I bring scans into my CAD software which works with dimensions.

Of course, you have to make sure that you properly align the model so that it maps the coordinates into your local XYZ orientation.

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Orientation is another problem. How do you get the scanned image to come out aligned to the Axis?

By holding the scanner perfectly aligned with your chosen axes while you scan, which is really hard to do. Or by realigning it after you’ve finished the scan either in your printer slicer program or a CAD program, which is really easy to do.

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Hello, align the scan with an axis I simply use windows software: 3D builder.
Use the tool place and you can drop the object to fall down naturally with gravity


Thank you. Downloading now.

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