How do I connect my POP to my laptop wirelessly

I’m wondering how to connect my POP to my laptop wirelessly. I can’t find any settings for it in the HandyScan program.
Meanwhile I got it to work easily on my phone, but I’m confused how to do it on my laptop.

I don’t really want to use the USB cable all the time so I figured to try a wireless connection instead.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Wireless requires a Wi-Fi hot spot. The name and password are found in the about dialog.

The process is documented in the manual(s).

When I turn on my hotspot on my laptop and configure the settings correctly it won’t connect at all. Is the wireless connection even possible on Windows?

Are you sure you’re turning on a hotspot? That’s not the kind of feature many laptops have. WiFi, yes. But hotspot implies the laptop is equipped with a cellular modem. There aren’t a lot that come that way…

I was able to turn my Windows 10 laptop (Dell Latitude 7480) into a Hotspot, change its name to the default as stated in the POP User Manual and connect the POP to it.

Disconnecting and re-connecting power to the POP did not cause any problems; the connection was restored with no user intervention, but it took a few seconds longer than with the USB connection (as one should expect), so just be patient.

Simply follow the instructions under the heading “Share a Wired or Wireless Internet Connection in Windows 10” at this link: . Please note that the first heading about the easy way is just a quick ad for a product we don’t need in this case.



I just connected the POP to my home wifi network and it works well.
I can swap between phone and laptop easily :slight_smile:
just connect to laptop via cable and setup the wifi parameters in the app.


Yeah… I know I could use a lot more information on just how this is done.

Does the POP’s Type A USB cable plug into the home WiFi router? Not all of them have a USB port (my Netgear repeater certainly doesn’t).


No, connect the pop to your pc, via USB and in the handy scan software on your pc, click about, click on WiFi, and enter the WiFi details of your home WiFi.

Job done.


And then what? The POP will connect to WiFi, but how does it pass through to your PC or Phone?


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Just run the Handy scan software on either the phone or the PC and make sure the phone or PC are connected to the same wireless network and the scanner will appear in the app :slight_smile:


This is what you posted above. I don’t understand how it makes a wireless connection unless the POP remains connected to the PC and the phone connects to the PC via the WiFi. If so, then… why? The POP is already connected to the PC, so just use HandyScan there.

You only need to connect the pop via USB to enable you to set handy scan WiFi settings.
Once you have set the WiFi settings, disconnect the Pop from the pc USB port and plug it into a portable battery pack (USB power pack lite you use for phones).
This powers the Pop.
You should then see the pop connect to the handy scan software via your home WiFi.
Hope that helps.


It is confusing. I first tried entering the password for my wifi as it requested but what was needed was the password for the scanner! “Revopoint3d” I ran into the same thing when activating the editing software Revo Studio.

Actually, the scanner and Revo Scan are flexible enough to support two methods of wireless connectivity.

If you connect your scanner to your computer, you can configure it to Client mode and enter the password to your home router (no included {space} characters, so you may have to change that). After that, connecting the scanner to a power pack allows its WiFi to connect to your home system and Revo Scan will find it.

The advantage of this method is that your computer maintains its connection to the internet.