Hi, bro, who has bought the POP scanner? How is it works?

Just wondering should I buy it or not…

Other than those who did the beta test I don’t think anyone has received theirs yet, they are currently being dispatched so I expect you’ll start getting responses from people who have received theres in the next week or so.

I am one of the beta tester, and will receive them today if FedEx do they job …

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looking forward to viewing some of your scans

I am just starting to use it but so far I am not impressed with the resolution at all. I think my phone does a much better job than this thing…

Which phone? I am interested

Any scanning phone, like the iPhone 11, 12

I do not agree with that.

Ok the device is hard to use, but the resolution is good enough to have a good base to remesh. Proportions are good and details more accurate than iPhone 12 from what I tested.

But anyone looking for a scanner ready to use with no effort, I would say this is a device for geeks.


This seems like a fairly uncapable device

Did this with my iPhone 11 just now in like 3 seconds

Body Scan…
Clearly uncapable device

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On the right the original perfume bottle painted to be scanned.

On the left, the printed version from the scan without rework


From Mike W. on the Facebook group. Because it is the same object you want to scan. Clearly not the same result.


What’s your setup if I may ask? I’m strictly Mac OS and have to wait till I can borrow a pc this weekend… Did you try the pop on an iOS device?

Best, Christian

Hi @Sszirsch , i am one of the biggest hater of all Pear …sorry apple products… Especially iCrap.

For now I tested them on :
-A small Asus t100ha laptop
-a low end i3 Intel laptop with 4go ram
-a Xiaomi 9t pro smartphone
-a high end new seflbuild computer with i9 and 64go Ram.

All work fearlessly even the old laptop, the only requirement is the usb 3.0

Hi @Zoltan3D ,

I’ll be trying the pop on a windows machine, for that the mobil App runs quite crappy at the moment.
Do you have any experience with the turntable? Does it sync?



for me the turn table are good but too fast…
I opened them to see if the speed an be adjusted but no

The problem happens when you use them withh a low end computer, the software can’t follow

Good morning Everyone,

Here is my Youtube review of the Pop Scanner after my first full week with it.

Final posted by basic review of the Revopoint POP 3D scanner.

I will say on smaller objects the scanner table does spin a little too quickly it does lose tracking. Large items are not an issue so far.

A few tip when using the scanner, if you are scanning an object make sure whatever is in the back ground in far enough away the scanner will not pick it up. I have found with the turntable if you place a black sheet about 1ft to a ft and half behind the object you are scanning it tracks better.

In addition any highly reflective surface just will not scan (IR bounces back).

Lighter colors scan better than dark in standard mode, but there is a dark setting.

I will make some more videos on items this week end and get them posted. If you want to suggest things reply here and i will do my best to provide a scan and scan setting that might work.

Mike R

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Cool, I can’t wait to see the comparison videos!

I received my POP yesterday and spend some time with it. The supplied statue is scanned very well but I had problem with scanning of the car wheel. POP simply is losing track and even returning to previously perspective isn’t working. I tried adding some reflective markers provided, no improvement. I hope engineers can improve their software.