Help saving unmeshed point cloud

When I try to share an unmeshed point scan, I get an error saying “no data file!”. There’s no way to fuse a mesh after you’ve declined to fuse a mess after the scanning process and the only option that works is to delete the project file.

How can I get that data off my Pixel 6 to fuse in an external program?

You can’t , you can’t share frames, you need to fuse the frames into point cloud then you can share the point cloud .

Not need to mesh it if you don’t want, but you need to fuse the points from the captured frames directly after scanning , that is how it works .

There are no project files saved to your phone that have all the data , it is all loaded into your RAM , once you fuse point cloud , the data is removed and if you do not fuse, it is removed too .

The folder Is empty you can remove it, there is no data no more .

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Thank you. I think I understand.

I think you misunderstood that fusing is meshing , meshing is a different option after fusing .

Always fuse your scan first , then you get a point cloud that you can export / share

You can mesh it later in Revo Studio on your computer .

Thank you for the clarification. I thought that fusing was making a mesh, but it’s making a point cloud that can be exported.

  • Alex O.
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That’s correct Alex :+1::wink:

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