Help! Is the SDK compatible with POP2?

I buyed POP2 several days before. It works well when using “Revo Scan” but when I tried get the depth stream through C using Visual Studio 2017, i got the error “camera connect failed(3)”. The ERROR CODE was 3 which means ERROR_DEVICE_NOT_CONNECT i guess. So is the SDK compatible with POP2?

我最近购买了POP2,使用Revo Scan应用的时候它可以正常运行,但是当我试图使用Visual Studio 2017和C语言获取相机的信息流的时候,程序打开相机失败,错误代码是3,我猜是ERROR_DEVICE_NOT_CONNECT。所以请问官方网站下载的SDK适用于POP2相机吗?

Here is the code:

#include <3DCamera.hpp>

int main() {
printf(“This is test1!\n\n”);

// get camera pointer and connect a valid camera
cs::ICameraPtr camera = cs::getCameraPtr();
while (1)
	ret = camera->connect();
	if (ret != SUCCESS)
		printf("camera connect failed(%d)!\n", ret);
		//return -1;


I’m not positive, but I seem to remember reading that the POP’s I/O interface is encrypted so that it will not work with 3rd party software.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll check that later. Have a nice day!

Tried same, won’t connect. Would be very useful to be able to use the SDK.

The acusense SDK seems to parse a 16 bit array directly into a depth map. However on POP2 that 16 bit array seems to be some edge detection, it does not contain a depth map. I’ve gone crazy for a couple days trying to recover a depth map from that “gradient” or normal image but in vain. There may be a secondary video feed that is not exposed which in fact gives you the depth map; since the acusense SDK has no special code to turn gradient + IR stereo into depth map via software.