Handheld Stabilizer issue

I received my new handheld stabilizer two days before. When I start my first connection today, I found that stabilizer have a weird sound and stop working if I move/turn the stabilizer quickly. Any idea about it? Or, it was damage during transportation?

Below is the video link to see my problems.
Revopoint Handheld Stabilizer Issue video

I have seen that a couple of times with mine also not sure what that is about. Have used it for long intervals to scan with out issue though. Keeping an eye on. It seem more stable with Bluetooth paired tobcomputer or something for me even though we have nothing that can do remote control at present.
Hard shifting as you do th video has triggered it for me and being at extreme of movement on joystick seems to trigger. I get the same error beeps and it become unresopnsive until reboot. Maybe a firmware instability. Maybe RevoPoint can comment on this for us.

Just received mine and same thing. Although unlike video it doesn’t need and hard or quick movements to trigger it. Slight tilt and its 3 beeps and off.

I did not experienced anything of it no matter with Bluetooth connected to PC or not .

But I know there is a protective shut down of the motor if you block manually the movement, so I am wondering if your device is over sensitive to the changes in movement.
You should not make harsh movements or rotations anyway as the process of scanning should be smooth eliminating vibrations not harsh changing of positions , it is not for taking a movies after all so need to be very gentle with it .

It is hard to determine how sensitive the auto protection is in your device based on description , I guess the best way would be to make video and showing what is happening so the customer support can determine if it is device or something else .

Slightly tilt should definitely not shut it down as I used it in each position possible

I will make test tomorrow to see if the behavior is different while not used with the software as that may be the reason so we know more about the behavior and eventual answer to the problem .