Handheld stabilizer for pop?

HI, does the HANDHELD STABILIZER FOR the original POP as well as pop 2 and mini – barry

Works on the pop 2 and mini

Start stop button not work on IOS.
Any idea why?

I was told we are waiting for a firmware update…

I have it working with the POP very nicely. I did have to 3d print a connector to attach the pop to the stabilizer though.

Now if the new firmware would come out…

@penneyduck ( yes it works you just need the connector plate that is included with POP2)

The firmware is not needed to update anymore , only new software that supports the simple setting via PC Bluetooth so your play stop button works

I heard yesterday the new software for IOS will be released next week so the button will be active on your stabilizer .

Look forward to it.

Dear Mac users,

Sorry for keeping you wait for such a long time.

Download link:

Feature Updates

  1. Fixed an erroneous sound prompt occurring in a non-scanning state.
  2. Fixed visual errors appearing on the Fusing, Meshing, or Texture Mapping progress bar.
  3. Optimized how point clouds are displayed.
  4. Optimized Dual-axis Turntable Connection.
  5. Improved Revo Scan’s stability.
  6. Optimized the firmware update process.
  7. Stabilizer Start/Pause button is active (beta)

Best Regards
The Revopoint Team