Hand Held Stabilizer

Any idea what the alternative Modes are about? Also has anyone found a phone app that can access the stabilizer via bluetooth. Might be a useful thing. So far tried many apps none seem to find this stabilizer but will keep looking.

I am looking for a similar thing. There might be a way to write a custom app the same way as the guys done with the Dual axis turntable.

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@McAndrew @Bucser
Yes it is possible to write an additional app to control all the functions including rotation , tilt etc…
There are no other functions that are included with the joystick already , the start/pause button need to be paired with the scanner via the software to work .

I don’t think you going to find any app online to control it as it is custom made to pair with the scanner and even if you do you could damage the motor in process .

But it is very similar to the DATT controller Bluetooth functions .