GPU Processing?

Graphics cards are getting more and more advanced. Are you considering any changes that would support GPU processing instead of solely CPU?

I’ve got a Ryzen 3 3600X, GTX 1660ti, and 64Gb RAM. My CPU gets absolutely maxed out on all cores while the GPU sits around doing practically nothing.

I was planning a graphics card upgrade next, but I might need to put that cash towards a CPU if the scanning software is going to stay CPU-only.

I hadn’t checked this I assumed it would have been. This would be a must have aspect of any 3D rendering software wouldn’t it?

Although if memory serves (pardon the pun) the graphics cards 3D studios use are very very expensive. Not exactly something a typical end user has available to them. Are you familiar with softwares that do use GPU?

Meshroom uses the GPU for computing meshes from photogammetry.

RevoScan basically let the GPU idle.

I asked the same question on the POP1 and it didnt seem that Revopoint had any plans/desire to use anything like CUDA on nVidia cards - I agree that it would be beneficial, theres a reason that most Photogrammetry software can leverage nVidia/CUDA.

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You dont need Grid cards, 3D Studio, Davinici, and most other software can leverage consumer cards like RTX 20xx/30xx cards for 3D work.

Hi @sleyshaw24 @Swiftwater11 @Robotica72 ,

This suggestion is very good, but the algorithm library and processing process based on the scanning and data processing of the Revo Scan and Studio mainly rely on the calculation of the CPU.

We will consider transplanting and refactoring some parts suitable for GPU computing processing in the future.

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Can you tell us what GPU’s are supported? I’m buying a new GPU for CAD and FEA within the next two months. Please consider adding the .3MF file format. It’s approximately 2 to 3 times smaller file than .STL. Thanks for your time and hard work.