Frame data error, code7. Handyscan is slow to start, freezes

I have searched the forum, read all treads I could find, but nothing solves my problem.
I am working on a Lenovo Thinkpad T460p. Below is the pc and win spec:

Prosessor Intel(R) Core™ i7-6820HQ CPU @ 2.70GHz 2.70 GHz
Installert RAM 32,0 GB (31,8 GB brukbar)
Systemtype 64-biters operativsystem, x64-basert prosessor

Versjon Windows 10 Pro
Versjon 20H2
Installert den ‎07.‎03.‎2021
Operativsystembygg 19042.1110
Opplevelse Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3530.0

I have checked camera settings in windows, and camera is active. I have unchecked “powersave” feature for USB controllers.
I have created a hotspot on the laptop for the POP to connect to. I see that it connects to the hotspot also.

When I start the handyscan SW, it starts fine. Then I plug in the POP scanner. It says “connected”, but there does not appear any picture from the scanner. When hovering the mouse over the handyscan window, I get the “circle” telling program is busy.
Just leave it for 5-6 minutes, then suddenly I get 1 frame picture from the POP into the SW.
When that happens, POP disconnects, reconnects again, and a fault message appears, Frame data error, code7.
I have been bugging with this for the last 3 hours now. Thought it should work out of the box. Not so happy with this product now.

Ohh, and I have updated all drivers, and Bios with the latest from Lenovo today.
Also I have the latest handyscan SW that was released two days ago.
I have deleted and reinstalled SW several times. Downgraded to the SW from USB stick etc. Nothing helps the issue.

All USB ports on laptop is 3.0.

I am out of options…please help.

As above was my first post, I was only allowed to post 1 picture.

Hi @isanfa

Sorry for this issue. We need some time to discuss it internally, and will try to reply you soon.

Btw, could you please redo all your connection steps, then click “About” to report ”bugs"? We posted the newest Windows version with this feature. After receiving the bugs, our developers can analyze it.

Best Regards

Hi @isanfa

After discussing internally, we need below information:

  1. Could you click “About” on the Handy Scan, and make a screenshot? (Below image for your reference)

  2. You upload two pictures in this post, may I know if you connected via Wifi or USB cable when taking these two pictures? Thank you.

Best Regards

Thanks for your fast reply.
When connecting, I have the USB cable connected to my laptop, and wifi hotspot active.
If I only do USB, I will never get a framed picture, but I will get the same fault message after 5 minutes or so.
If I have wifi active, and connected to laptop USB, I can get 1 frame picture as in the first picture.

I will do bug report in Handyscan SW.

About my POP

So, the Bug reporting did not work out as intended.

la luce che usi per la scansione se è quella che vedo in video, non è buona, prova con luce bianca o del sole!

Translates to "the light you use for scanning if it is the one I see in the video, it is not good, try with white light or the sun! "

Bright light will overpower the POP’s sensor. Unless you want to record texture, it is better to scan in near darkness.

French: "La luce intensa sopraffà il sensore del POP. A meno che non si desideri registrare la trama, è meglio eseguire la scansione quasi al buio. "

Hi @isanfa

For this bug reporting can not work issue.

Could you please try to confirm if your network of PC is working? Can you send out an email successfully? When we test this report bug feature of the new version, we also met such an issue. But it is because the computer is off line, and it is fail to send out an email.

Best Regards

Thanks for the translate. My problem is not related to scanning, as I never get to start a scan.
My scanner takes 5 minutes to create a picture after start of handyscan. After that, it starts disconnecting and reconnecting again.

I am typing in this forum from the same laptop as I am running the scanner from, so I do indeed have internet access.
I am thou on a bit restricted network, so that might be the reason the bug report does not work. I will not be on another network before end of next week.
But my network should not be the reason my scanner does not work. I will try to power the scanner from another powersourche then my PC, and see if that makes a difference.

Hi @isanfa

Yes, I agree with your opinion. My reply is just about the report bugs issue.

I mean that if it shows “Failed to connect to host” when you report bugs, that is because you can’t send an email successfully. (Maybe you can have a test to send an email with your mail box)

For the scanning problem, we still need some time to discuss and will try to reply you soon.

Best Regards

Hi @isanfa

Could you send an email to I need to send you an installer to test the camera.

Best Regards

Email sendt with contact information.

Hi @isanfa

We can’t find the solution until now. To make sure that you can use the POP as soon as possible, we will resend you a new one.

Btw, please keep the defective POP, we will call it back to analyze the problem and avoid it in the future batch, thank you.

Our customer service will contact you soon.

Best Regards

I am having the same issue, How do I proceed?

Please post a new thread with info about the device you are using and explain the issue.

This thread is already old and outdated.

Make sure you have the latest software.

The more details you can provide, the quicker we can resolve the error.

Thanks fyi, will create a new thread

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