Firmare update and keeps disconnecting

I am currently on FW
Algo V.

When I hit update firmware in Revoscan v4.10 (latest version)
nothing happens… Is this the latest upgrade or does the button not work?

Also, when i try to scan something while it’s connected to my laptop, it keeps disconnecting while i am scanning… can’t seem to figure out why.

any help is appriciated.

thank you

Can you share with us what you are using ? There are 4 devices , it would be helpful.

If you see no response , this means there is no update for your devices .

If your device keeps disconnecting, this means your USB is not capable to keep power and data running on the same cable constantly, it drops the power disconnecting it.
You will need to use the split mobile cable and powering it separately. USB A for power 5V -2Am and USB C for data .

Or try via WIFI while your powering your device using the one USB A cable .

It don’t running using one cable on my device either , so I have to use the mobile split cable and problem solved.

There is no really fix for that, on some devices it works on others it don’t .

i am using the POP scanner… 1st model.

POP1 scanners can’t be updated via the Revo Scan software at this moment .

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