Film a complex element

i would like to buy the revoppoint pop2 to do a scan to a complex object with a lot of elements (pipline)
can the pop2 do this ?
also i would like to use it with an iPhone 13 pro, it is possible?

With a lot of elements yes , I am mean a lot of features … no big flat pipeline
for good results you phone needs at least 6GB or more , more frames less stress while scanning

A photo, plus some object for a size comparison, would be a helpful aid in giving any advice.

How much accuracy to you need? The POP 2’s Body mode is much more useful for scanning objects that are approaching people-size (tree trunks, auto body parts, etc.), but the results are not going to have 0.2mm resolution.

Also, if the pipeline has shiny or very dark metal, you may need to use a scanning spray of some sort.