Face mode scan?


In the manual you can find this specification :

"Face mode:This mode is especially used to scan live human face. The exposure and gain
are set according to face skin reflectivity. "

Also, there is a screenshot with the option but just before another sc shows the software without it. My HandyScan software does not have it.

How can I expect to have it ?

Only ‘body’ in my app. Tried to scan a face with it. I am now crying.

Damn does this thing work I’m kinda scared now

Crying because you don’t understand how it works, not because it’s not working.

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I admit I can be a little dramatic in my descriptions :grin:

But still, resolution is not good. All finer details are lost, everything gets a smooth filter it seems. Works great for smooth objects of course but not anything with sharp angles it seems to me.

The textures are such low quality that that doesn’t fix it either. I wonder if using A.I. to enhance or upscale the textures would help?

I’ve tried Body, Face, Dark, to scan my head/shoulder as well as my wifes, and the results are very mixed. It looses tracking all the time, and cannot scan our hair (both brown hair, wife is lighter brown). Tried more light, less light, all 3 of those modes, changed the gains etc, and I just cannot get a result.
Some loose the tracking so bad, I ended up with a face (no beard) on top of my head. Whole back/top of my head is empty as it cannot scan the hair, yet I saw a video of a lady being scanned with black hair, but nothing is working for me to achieve that.
Videos show it as being so easy, yet I can not as yet get it working.

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Hi, please download this new version and check if it is ok.

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Already running that

I have exactly the same problem. My wife’s dark hair is not recognized. No matter what settings or lighting conditions I try. I am using the latest scan software and have calibrated the scanner several times now. Except for the included bust, I have not been able to scan much successfully. This software too often loses tracking or does not recognize the pattern.

Not sure whether it really is about the colour of the hair: My hair and beard are light grey to even white, and I still have to produce a convenient scan of my face and head. A few times the beard partly appeared in the scan, but the hair never shows properly.
I think it’s more about the fluffyness. Those asian ladies with the black hair all feature a lot of straight hair, making the hair nearly a closed and smooth surface, rather like a cloth than ‘fur’. I have seen someone with a beard having produced a successful scan of his face in this forum, but only after he used tons of gel to sculpture both hair and beard into massive blocky structures, featuring at least partly closed and smooth surfaces.

Please use the Head Mode, then the hair can be recognized.

As for the lose track issue, when you scan the hair, please make sure the scanner can “see” the face or other area which you scanned just now too.

Here is the newest version: https://www.revopoint3d.com/wp-content/uploads/download/Revo_Scan_for_win_v4.0.1.20220417b.zip

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