Exporting Meshes to other software?

I’ve been away for a while and I’ve returned to 3d printing and scanning. I’m glad to see the new software improvements but I have something to ask: Did you do away with .stl export? I recently bought a Windows 11 laptop that handles the scanner very well (no longer tied to my desktop) but can’t seem to find the .stl export option. For some reason Meshmixer refuses to open the .obj. Any ideas?

If it refuse to open the obj you are leading a fused point cloud not a mesh .
There is always “mesh” in the name of exported meshes .
You getting 2 files , make sure you load the proper one to mesh mixer .

If you have any issue in the future please post a new thread , it will helps other with similar issues, since this thread going to be closed after new version arrives.

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Will do and thank you! got it exporting the .stl