Exported STL file is hollow with no bottom - want to 3D print

Did I miss a step, or is there something I still need to do? I finally (after trying for 2 day) got an acceptable 3D scan of an object, but after doing the mesh with the option of filling in holes (which I had spent the 2 days mostly trying to eliminate at the scan stage before giving up) in Revo Studio and exporting it as an STL file, I imported it into Cura, and discovered that it’s completely hollow and has no bottom. How can I fix that?

If you load the STL file into Revo Studio, you should be able to close all the holes. The options can have odd-looking result, so be prepared to undo, select another option and try again.

Does the lack of a bottom (which I had assumed was because it’s impossible for the bottom to be scanned) count as a hole, though? I just want to make this a solid shape instead of hollow so I can slice it in Cura and print it.

You can sink very slightly the bottom in Cura and slice it , it will print solid .

Or you can import back the model to Revo Studio and choice close the hole by choice anything but tangent option for bottom hole.

Just because you exported it in STL format don’t means it is water tight model ready to print .
You actually need to perform close holes always if you want to print the model , Choice tangent option in Revo Studio .

Revo Scan not always close the holes, and since it uses only tangent option only sometimes the bottoms are round and not flat or not closed at all if are too big .


Thanks for the help on this. I thought I’d come back and give an update saying I was finally successful and here is a picture (the middle one is the original, the left and right were printed on different 3D printers to compare them).


Hi @Trevor ,

Thank you for your update. :+1: