Everything you need to know about Calibration for a 3D scanner

1. What is Calibration?

Calibration is calibrating the scanner to ensure the most accurate data scanning and alignment. In other words, it makes the scanner more accurate so that you get the BEST scan results.

2. Why do we need to calibrate our scanners?

Usually, the camera has been accurately calibrated before shipping from the factory.

However, the camera’s accuracy may be affected for the following reasons:

  • After a long time using.

  • Long-distance transportation.

  • Changes in the environment.

  • External forces & violent collisions.

Under such conditions, the camera’s default settings will deviate from the optimum.

3. What will happen if you don ’t calibrate the scanner?

It will in poor scanner accuracy; the results looks terrible and the model’s dimensions are no longer reliable.

This means you need to calibrate your scanner!

Until now, only professional-level 3D scanners had calibration capabilities. With a consumer-level price, the POP 2 has this function too.

4. How to calibrate the scanner?


Hi @Revopoint3D-Cassie Wonder if the calibration board is included in the premium pledge? Or where can we get it?
Best regards and thanks for tutorial on calibration

Hi @perolalars ,

Yes, the calibration board is included in the package of POP 2, no matter you bought the premium package or the standard package.

Best Regards

Great! Thank you!
And many thanks for the eminent and fast support from you here at the forum!

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Excellent new feature !

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So how do we get the calibration board? Is it something you could print out and glue to a board?

It just stated 2 replies above , it will be included with all POP 2 devices

That’s if you don’t have one yet.

Nobody have POP2 yet … and nothing they say about POP1 …simple conclusion so what version you have ? Calibration board can’t be simply printed out .

Oh sorry I thought it is out now. I got one early for review, then I saw it for sale on the website. I thought other people had them now.

The Revo Calibration download is not working on the website. Where else can I get it?

You can download it here:

that version keeps crashing on windows 10 pc, Ryzen 7 5700X 32GB of flare X ram and Samsung 980 Pro NVME @Revopoint3D-Cassie

this every time

I just used it with win 10 without issues …
and made test , I think lower than the results is basically impossible . I tried couple of times

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Hi @keifer

Sorry for this issue.

May I know if you tried to run this software as an administrator? We met a user can’t use it at first, then finally solve the problem by running it as an administrator.

Best Regards

Your calibration result is much better than me. I can’t get such a good result. :sweat_smile:

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Well I tried again , I got better ., and also better results in scanning and little less noisy , somehow the Depth map sensor does not cut the image in half anymore and the scanning area seems in the center with the RGB and in sinc . I still have the best results with 20 cm distance of scanned objects and most sharper textures , anything closer get blurred and more fuzzy . 20 cm distance working also great with tracking .

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ill give it a try thanks for the advice ill let you know soon

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No calibration software. So I have the board, thank you, but there is no calibration software for a Mac. Am I missing something?