Embedded media limit error

i would like to participate in the Range 3D scanner contest but i am not allowed to upload more than 1 pic?
How do i fix this??

Please upload each pic per post , I will merge them all into one post after you are ready .

Worked with replays thanks for the tip. Not sure how you can help me more than this.
I hope i posted it correctly and can enter the contest this way?

Please post the link to your showcase in the Contest thread, you suppose to post it in the Contest thread and not in a separate showcase thread .

So now just post the link in the Contest thread only .

Hmm didn´t find it will search for it.
This forum is just…

Found it but can´t add my link today it seems…

Please post the link tomorrow at the same time.
The contest is under announcement

Don’t reply or you going to wait much longer .