Dual axis turn table not restarting for a second scan

I am trying to continue a scan after repositioning on a dual axis turntable and a mini but the table will not start spinning agian?

You need to start a new session .
The cycle spins only once, you can’t pause it or stop or restart multiple times.

Use the manual mode and rotate the turntable in infinite settings if you want
to repositioning the object for multiple scanning sides .

And if you get tired of it use the DATT controller app … :slightly_smiling_face:

Manual mode does the same thing

What is datt controller app?

Set the rotation on infinite it will rotate constantly regardless you stop or pause the play button , the tilt can’t be set this way …

It is an App for Android to control the turntable whatever you want regardless of scanning button , very handy in your workflow .

There is also an app to use in browser , but I don’t have the link under my hand right now .

I am having the same problem as Josh. When I turn on manual mode the dual axis table stops turning as soon as I start a scan and Yes it is on repeat. I would use the app but I have an iPhone.

I would merge different scans but I am trying to use this for quality control so I need to do quick accurate scans with minimal to no post processing.

That is not a normal behavior @JoelD3
It should no stop at all no matters what you do when using manual mode .

I don’t have this issue , but @Revopoint3d-Selina may check it out later for you

There was one more app to use with a browser … you may check in the forum as I am on my phone so no link under my hand .