Dual Axis TT old version not working as expected

I have a dual axis TT old version (with 1 button on the side) from the description i have seems that after plugging in the power i have to press for 2 sec the button to let him initialize but what really happens is that right after i plug the power it moves to initialize, this is quite dangerous if you still hold the TT with your hands, when it finish to initialize if i press the button for 2 secs nothing happens it just flash faster for 2 secs and it continue to blink normally as disconnected.

Hi @canapi

If it blinking it is ready to be connected to Bluetooth .
So what you expect to happen after that ? It can’t rotate on its own , it need to be connect to Bluetooth first and you can control it via the app .

There are stickers warning you to not put your fingers between while initiation .

So what you expect to happen after that ?

I expect people to really read the message before replying nonsense, what I said has nothing to do with the bluetooth connection, I said that the DATT performs the initialization procedure as soon as I plug it in and NOT if I press the button as shown in the manual and in the related video: (OLD Dual-axis.mp4 - Google Drive)

Hey… don’t have to be rude, we don’t tolerate this behavior in our community ! pls behave !

write to customer@revopoint3d.com with your hardware issue to book an appointment , that is all I can help you here with .

BTW my DATT do exactly the same , I have the first edition …