Does the Pop 2 work ok with Windows 11?

My laptop keeps nagging me to upgrade so just wondering if anyone has run into any problems using the Pop 2 under Windows 11 before I pull the trigger ?

… I guess not. :smile:
So I took the plunge and all is well. :+1:

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I saw people had some issues so I did not upgraded.
So everything working fine including Revo Studio ?

Thanks for being a guinea pig :joy:

Yup, all good.
No issues, as far as I can see.

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I had no problems apart from the Revo Calibration software didn’t run correctly. Found a link to the newer version (RevoCalibration_Setup_1.0.1.13_b) and it ran fine after upgrading. This was a new install under Win11 so can’t say if the problem was Windows 11 related. Others might know?
One nice advantage of the touchscreen support (using a large 24" Dell touchscreen) in Win11 (running on an Intel NUC) is the RevoPoint Scanner software can be controlled by touch rather then a mouse - to me seems useful.

I am using Wacom touch screen , but not all sliders works smooth for me using Revo Scan .

Yes agree, actually the movement of the sliders isn’t that smooth on occasion? Seems random - sometimes fine other time hopeless. But nice when working. And oddly the sliders work better on my basic Amazon Fire Tablet then the i7 Gen11?? Would have thought the opposite…

Just double checked and the sliders are very responsive on the Tablet… certainly on the i7 desktop they are not! Maybe a further software issue for RevoPoint team?

I find setting my mouse to the lowest DPI setting helps with the sliders but it’s still not perfect.
Setting Pitch point in increments of 0.01mm is impossible.

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I have no issue on Android app , the touch don’t works well only on my PC , I guess the software is not optimized for touch .
There is also probably not enough points to be triggered by touch on the sliders

That has nothing to do with your mouse, the software is set this way , since the begining . You can’t adjust the values precisely. They designed it this way and there is nothing you can do .
I asked for changes for quite some time now .

I appreciate the issue is with the Revo Scan software but I can assure you, in my case at least, adjusting the mouse DPI does help a little.
The smallest adjustment I’ve been able to achieve with the slider is 0.02mm.
My mouse has 3 DPI settings. I’ve tested it at all 3 DPI settings several times.
At the highest setting, it’s almost impossible to adjust by 0.02mm but the middle and lowest settings make it a bit easier.
Although even then, at times it will only adjust by 0.03mm.

That’s good to hear, it may helps others , I don’t used mouse for over 2 and half decade , but with Wacom pen I can’t get to move the slider less than 0.02 or 0.03 , I using the most sensitive settings available so this is limitation .

Don’t get the bugs drive you crazy , it is like that since the begining , and there is nothing you can change about .

We all go through this many times already with each new user .

Bugs were reported regarding the sliders many times .

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Crazy that this hasn’t been addressed yet, must be simple to fix surely !!??
Even the option to type in a value would be better.
It’s quite a crucial setting after all and makes a difference to the final mesh quality.

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Totally agree on that , it is very crucial setting if not the main most important of all settings . It is the base and foundation of your model .

Revo Scan panels tabs are web based what may explains why they did not fixed it yet .

I would prefer to type in my values to be honest . But new users profit from the auto settings as well since they are not familiar with it yet.

I guess I need to send another reminder regarding this issue .

Also forgot to tell you , the meshing in Revo Scan is set at only 25% it is good, clean and the volume is accurate . But meshing in Revo Studio can give you 80% more higher resolution of the mesh , sometimes it can give you more finer details but you may encounter some extra noises , all depends of the quality of the point cloud .

The meshing values in Revo Studio are not the same as in Revo Scan . So meshing at 6 in Revo Scan is not 6 in Revo Studio , it is much lower around 4-5 .

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That would be great. :+1:
They’re more likely to act on feedback from the more experienced and skilled users like yourself.

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I am beta tester for a while but for some reason this feature was not fixed yet , and since I fuse usually only at 0.02 with MINI and O.1mm with POP2 , I did not paid attention, so thanks for the reminder .

I am doing some internal testing next week so I will make sure this bug is included on the report again .

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