Digital Image Correlation and Revopoint MINI


Is there anyone with experience using 3D scanner and digital image correlation?
I would like to know how a basic setup would look like with MINI, and software tools that can be used alongside to process and evaluate results.
Any idea about reliability of results in such setup? Is it useful at all?


By this, do you mean mapping an image onto a scanned object?

The Mini can capture a color image already present on an object. Seems to me you can use this as a reference for mapping a higher-quality image in whatever post-processing software you prefer.

Not exactly.
I am by far not even a beginer in this field, but as far as I have read, despite of the “image” in the name, that doesnt mean a photo or colored image mapping on top of a scanned geometry, rather it is describring image in the computational sense of a set of pixels.
This technique is used in many fields including tensile tests of materials as well as structural deformation.
The pixel positions are mapped and depending on the way they move it is possible to compute stresses and strains in structures.