Difficulty aligning Meshes in Revo Sstudio


I have made a few scans of a handheld powertool, and now I want to align them in RevoStudio, using markers. However, I can use up to 30 different markers, and the Software still isn´t aligning the two models. It is aligning them as if there were no markers at all. Is RevoStudio just that horrible, or am I doing something wrong?

In my opinion the shown model is really easy to align…

Do you have any tips on how I can improve this?


The model is not easy to merge because it has a lot of overlapped points I can see it straight from the images , so the marker points do not match and the program get confused.

  1. You can load the fused point cloud separate and clean them before merge by removing all overlapped points on both files , it may helps
  2. You can use Cloud Compare and merge them there and clean after or better before merging and usually you have 99% of success .

when you overscan your scans too much you getting too many data that do not belongs in the files , even if you merge them you will still get not so good looking mesh , remember your mesh can be as good as your cloud point is, that is the foundation of your mesh .

if you are interested in Cloud Compare here is video